Debuting sLoMo-ing


Going to be introducing a new feature on Marlin Maniac for every Sunday. This feature will be an interactive one with the readers of MM. I would love for all of you to email or tweet me the funniest Logan Morrison tweets. Every Sunday, I will select the best nominations and open them up for Marlin Maniac readers to vote on the funniest one.

With this segment, I want to combine two of Logan Morrison’s best talents, tweeting and LoMoing. If you do not know what LoMoing is, here is a picture of Cody Ross doing his best LoMoing impression:

This idea was actually suggested to me by Michael Natelli from District On Deck. This is what emailed me last month:

"While watching the Nationals spring training game, I heard them say the word “slo-mo” and happened to read one of Logan Morrison’s tweets around the same time. So, I was wondering what you thought of proposing an idea to the Marlin Maniac staff where they’d do a weekly review of fan favorite Logan Morrison’s performance called “sLO-Mo.” Though he’s not a star, fans love the guy, and I think it would be a unique segment, one that popular sites like ESPN,, and CBS Sports do not have. No big deal if you don’t like it, but I figured I’d throw it out there. And who knows, maybe they tweet at Logan asking him to do an interview in the segment sometime, and he says yes! He seems to be very interactive with fans, which could work to our advantage."

We would love to have a chance to be able to have Logan Morrison to answer questions for Marlin Maniac readers. My goal is to make this thing so popular that LoMo will have no choice but to grant some time to MM.

You can go ahead and start sending those tweets my way at @MarlinManiac, @Ehsank24, the Marlin Maniac facebook page, or at You may also send them to any of the writers at MM.

Here is an example of a funny tweet by LoMo!