Yes, We Suck Again!


Currently, the Miami Marlins rank 15th in the National League in runs scored.  Only the Pittsburgh Pirates have scored less runs than we have so far this year and they had nowhere NEAR the expectations going into this year that the Marlins did. We are currently in a downward spiral having lost four games in a row and our offense looks anemic, unless you consider hitting the ball right to the opposing teams’ fielders a positive offensive statistic.

Granted, we have recently played teams with HUGE chips on their shoulders.  The Washinton Nationals, who I see as more of a threat to the Marlins than any other team in the National League East, have everything to prove and nothing to lose.  Then there are the lowly New York Mets.  If they finish .500 this year, they would be exceeding expectations.  But this should not matter.  Statistically, these teams should be beneath us; they should be scum that we scrape out of our cleats at the end of the game.  Why then, have they been such a thorn in our side?

Who do we blame for this?  Do we blame manager Ozzie Guillen?  No, because other than pulling Josh Johnson too early in Tuesday night’s game against the Mets he has made reasonably good decisions on the field.  Fidel love notwithstanding of course.  A shakeup of the lineup couldn’t hurt though Ozzie.

Do we blame injuries?  No, Logan Morrison and Giancarlo Stanton are currently fighting through knee issues, but they are both still playing and not on the DL, so that argument is invalid.

Who do you blame when the bats have gone cold?  Who do you blame when there are two outs and Hanley Ramirez doesn’t swing at strike three to protect Jose Reyes‘ stealing of second base on Wednesday night?

Who do I blame for the 1.75 liter bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and 2-liter bottle of Coke I have finished off over the course of the past two nights?

I blame the hitting coach Eduardo Perez.  It is HIS responsibility to make sure Giancarlo Stanton can get me mad points for my fantasy team.  It is HIS responsibility to make sure we can get base hits with runners in scoring position.  It is HIS responsibility to make sure I don’t drown my liver in rum.

So if you are looking for someone to point fingers at.  You have your man.


So, Eduardo, FIX THIS!  Or we need to find somebody who will.  I hear Pudge is available.

Will the REAL Miami Marlins please stand up?

Till next week ladies and gentlemen.

Go Marlins!!!!