Weekly Recap (4/30/12-5/6/12)


The month of May has been very kind to the Miami Marlins so far. The Marlins have won every single game that they have played this month, so far. We hope that continues. At Marlin Maniac, what we hope does not continue is the lack of activity lately. This past week was not a good one for the site. In fact, last week may have been the worst month on MM since I have taken over.

I will take full responsibility for that. I have been preoccupied by work and have not made time to post articles for you guys. That will change this week.

Also, I would like to point out that MM is currently looking for a writer that has a great understanding and feel for the Marlins minor leagues. If you are interested in this or know someone who could be interested, please contact me immediately!

Without any further ado, lets take a look at the past week here on MM:

James C. Etzbach Jr.:

Will Stanifer:

Ehsan Kassim: