The Marlins are fishy..


What’s up Marlin Maniac! First of all I would like to apologize for my lack of posting lately. With college exams going on, studying was a hassle along with work and family. With the summer months approaching I will be back to usual  amount of content!  Anyways, back to Marlins baseball. Throughout the year I have noticed a number of “head scratching” and “fishy” moves made by the marlins. (Some good, some bad) Today I will point out a few issues I have noticed.

  • Ozzie Guillen has yet to be ejected as a Marlin. 

Unless you count Spring Training, Ozzie Guillen has managed to behave himself through in game situations. To be honest, Ozzie has hardly argued calls at all this season. Throughout his career, Guillen has been ejected 28 times and has a reputation for letting his mouth take over.  However through 40 games this season, Guillen has yet to stir up commotion minus the Fidel Castro situation. He has shown in game emotion but has managed to keep himself calm and out of the public’s eye. Again, I understand the Castro situation caught the nation’s eye, but I am talking purely baseball.

  • The Marlins Steal, and Steal A Lot!

Before the season started, everyone expected the Marlin’s to be much more aggressive on the basepath’s due to the addition of Jose Reyes. With 45 stolen bases in 39 games, the word is out that the Marlin’s like to run, and run a lot. The Marlin’s are actually so fast that not only do they lead the major league’s in stolen bases, they lead the second place team (Athletics) by 6! Emilio Bonifacio, who currently leads the league in stolen bases with 20, had his perfect stolen base streak snapped last series. If Reyes and Ramirez, the Marlins second and third leading base grabbers, manage to hit remotely closer to what they are capable of, the stolen base numbers will soar. Folks, this could be the fastest baseball team the major’s has seen in a long time.

  • Heath Bell‘s numbers are not what they currently show

That’s right, they should actually be a whole lot worse! Heath Bell has now recorded 5 saves and has “earned” 2 win’s on the season. After a horrible start to the campaign, Bell was moved out of his closer role for a few days to get his mojo and confidence back. Though he came back and threw some scoreless innings, Bell is clearly still very far away from the old “Heath Bell” the Marlins are paying 9 million dollars to. Through 14.2 innings pitched, Bell has walked 12 while only managing to strike out 9. He is not missing the bat’s and the out’s he has recorded have been hard hit ball’s that require an above average play. Though his number’s look terrible already, do not be fooled because they should be much worse.

  • Guillen is not afraid to make a move

And this is why I love Ozzie. Guillen is NOT afraid to make a roster move/change when dealing with a slumping/hot player. A prime example is agreeing to demoting 2011 All-Star Gaby Sanchez to AAA after a pathetic start to the 2012 season. Guillen has also started Brett Hayes more due to the fact John Buck cannot hit a beach ball from point blank range. Moving Bell out from the closer role, starting Austin Kearns against lefty’s, and platooning Greg Dobb’s at different positions are just a few other decision’s Ozzie has made.