Demotion of Gaby Sanchez Has Many Implications


Gaby Sanchez was recently demoted to triple A New Orleans in order to work on a more consistent hitting approach. The former All-Star after a torrid first half last season, struggled following the all-star break and has continued this poor performance through the 2012 season. According to Mike Hill, Marlins General Manager, “we know that he struggled the second half of last year after an All-Star first half. That’s always in your evaluation. But we just saw a player who was struggling in the major leagues and not the same player we’ve seen historically. Nobody ever wants to be told they have to go down. But I think he realizes he’s better than he’s shown.”

There are a wide array of implications associated with Gaby’s demotion to the Minor Leagues.

1.Chris Coghlan will gain another opportunity at the Major League level
The former rookie of the year has struggled since and has been the victim of injury and position changes. This lack of consistency has halted his development as a hitter and has left him as the odd-man out of the Marlins roster. In Gaby’s absence, Coghlan will have another opportunity to prove himself at the highest level and regain  past form.

2. Logan Morrison temporarily moves back to his natural position
As he developed throughout the Minor Leagues, Morrison played First Base but was moved to the Outfield when he has needed at the Big League Level. Playing Left Field has caused Morrison to sustain several injuries, of which he has played through. The daily grind of the outfield has clearly reduced Morrison’s effectiveness as the plate. Now, upon Gaby’s demotion, Morrison will return to First Base. He is much better defensively at first and the lack of mobility needed should allow him to perform better at the plate. If his power numbers improve while playing first, he could  permanently stay there with Sanchez being dealt elsewhere.

3. Gaby Sanchez loses trade value
Should Lomo develop into a permanent mainstay at first, Sanchez will be out of a position and out of a job. His lackluster play and poor contact rate has severely declined his trade value since last season. Should the Marlins seek a trade, they would most likely receive no significant value for Sanchez.