The Secondary Market


$3.85 will get you into the Marlins – San Francisco Giants game tonight in the new Marlins Park. If you wait a couple of more hours that price will go down. That price is not as good however as the floor price for tickets for the Marlins – Rockies game Tuesday night – are you ready? 1.85!!! The decimal is in the right place. One dollar and eighty five cents gets you into a MLB game in a beautiful state-of-the-art ballpark. It maybe time for MLB to reconsider their affiliations with websites that offer tickets to games below face value.

The whole idea behind purchasing a season ticket package or some type of partial ticket product is to get a deep discount on single game tickets. There’s now no reason to purchase a package when you can get tickets the day of the game for well below value. This is a phenomenon that doesn’t happen in all markets and in all sports. It’s all about supply and demand. Miami is not a baseball market, therefore baseball fans benefit. The same can be said of the NHL market here in South Florida. I mentioned in a previous post that Club Level seats at a Sunday night 5PM Florida Panthers game went for $14 each. Face value is $85. This was a team making a playoff run and tickets were still ridiculously low. Of course, if you’re looking to attend game one of the NBA Eastern Finals in Miami this coming Monday you won’t find any deals. It will be more of a scalper’s market in the traditional sense of the word, but you’d still do better on the secondary market.

As you watch highlights of games around the country on any given day you’ll see many empty seats in all MLB venues with a couple of exceptions. Even Yankee Stadium has chunks of seats being offered at low low prices on the secondary market. The Yankess have complained about it and MLB will be looking at their current deals in the off-season. In the meantime, stock up on games and don’t call the box office.