I thought it would be fun for Marlin Maniac to catch up with our favorite Miami Marlins tweeter, and catch some of his hilarious tweets during the week. Every Sunday, we will have this segment to catch up with our favorite entertainer on the Marlins.

Here is a look at some of Logan Morrison’s tweets from this past week.

Just stay the hell away from South Beach, buddy, and we all should be alright.

Dude, Logan, I am pretty sure every man in America feels the same way!

Be nicer to Heath Bell next time!

Ah, the beauty of marriage!

Is he referring to the former Leo Nunez’s success of dodging the police when using a false name? If he is, I hope he realized Leo was caught eventually.

Well, we are now all caught up on Logan Morrison’s tweets! Join us again next week so we can have some more laughs with the funniest first baseman/left fielder in baseball!