Won’t Happen Often


The Miami Marlins were swept by the Atlanta Braves in a 3 game series that ended last night with a 8-2 drubbing at the hands of their Eastern Division rivals. The trio of Anibal Sanchez, Josh Johnson, and Mark Buehrle all took the hit, though both Buehrle and JJ had respectable performances.

The Marlins starting pitching has been consistently good all season long, so three game losing streaks won’t happen often. The bats are the one thing that can keep the Marlins losing. They rank 24th in the MLB in runs scored and they continue to be terrible with runners in scoring position. Last night they went 0-13. A few timely hits here and there and Miami could have the best record in baseball.

It was good to finally see Jose Reyes hit his first HR of the year. Reyes has gotten over his “new team jitters” in the field and has been a steady contributor. The main thing is that he’s managed to stay healthy.

The alarming result of the 3 game sweep is that it doesn’t get any easier with the Rays and Red Sox representing the next 12 games for the Marlins. It’s a huge stretch against quality teams where both pitching and scoring runs will come into play against American League powerhouses.  The Braves have been struggling and all money was on the Marlins taking at least two of three.