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Marlins to Keep Josh Johnson


After exploring a wide array of deals the Miami Marlins have decided to keep Josh Johnson in the fold. Following an aggressive approach of acquiring young impact players, starting pitching in particular, Miami was unable to find a suitable package in exchange for Johnson.

Potential trade partners such as the Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox scrutinized Johnson over his poor health history, career low Earned Run Average and diminishing stuff. While there is no doubt that Josh Johnson has incredible ace like potential, he has not regained this form . The Marlins when negotiating with other teams valued and priced him as a legitimate ace, something Johnson has not been this year. As such, Miami sought several high impact and Major League Ready prospects in return. Ultimately, due to their concerns over Johnson’s health and diminished velocity Texas refused to include power hitting Third Basemen Mike Olt or any top prospect in exchange.

Realizing that they would not receive the high impact prospects it sought, the Marlins reevaluated their own stance and concluded that Johnson’s presence anchoring the rotation is much too valuable. Miami is banking on Johnson returning to his past form to carry next year’s Marlins team. Obviously the clear contrast in perception of the starter’s value inhibited  a potential  deal from occurring. The Marlins valued Johnson as an ace while other teams viewed him as having ace like stuff but simultaneously being a question mark. No team was willing to pull the trigger and offer the Major League ready and high impact prospects necessary to consummate a deal. As such, Miami will happily pencil Johnson in to anchor the rotation for another season.