Offseason To-do List?


Sep 21, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; General view of Major League baseballs in a bucket before a game between the Houston Astros and Pittsburgh Pirates at Minute Maid Park. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

Down Time. Boring Season. A sigh of relief from your wife. The kids get to recover the remote. However we look at it, it’s coming next week. For Marlins fans, next Wednesday marks the end of this season. What does it mean for you? Please take the poll and let me know what’s closest, and if you leave comments, I’ll post the funniest printable ones sometime in the next week or two.  Here’s what’s in store for Marlin Maniac, and for me:

Marlin Maniac:

  1. I’d like to go through each position, and cover the likely roster, the wish list, and the depth chart.  Of course, this will need to be updated as trade news and rumors start floating to the surface.
  2. I’m going to try and establish some contact with the organization, and try and get some face-to-face time with the players that stay in town for the winter. Hopefully, that will lead to some firsthand information when we get closer to spring training.  I’m in and out of Roger Dean all year, so I’ll try and make some use out of my proximity.
  3. I’ll try and keep everyone up to date on the likely payroll for next year, and for sure, I’ll post any roster moves as soon as I can

Yours Truly:

  1. Fall and winter means it’s easier to work outside, so I’m going to catch up on farm chores, and finally try to get ahead of the Brazilian pepper thicket threatening to take over the yard.  I’ve also got to figure out how to provide ventilation to the shipping container I use as a storage shed.  Had a little mold problem with all the rain we had this year.
  2. Re-watch the good baseball movies. All three Major League installments. The Rookie. Bull Durham, but not Field of DreamsMr. Baseball. The Ken Burns Marathon. A League of Their Own. The list goes on and on…
  3. I’ve got to ratchet up my own conditioning program.  The older I get, the more work it takes to stay in shape to play baseball. My son is old enough to play full-speed catch, but he’s not quite throwing hard enough that I have to put on full gear for his bullpens, but I suspect that he will be within a year or two.
  4. Pining for spring.  Should be self-explanatory.

What are your plans?