Hot Stove Season is Here


Man, nothing warms a cool day like thinking about the upcoming hot stove season. Admittedly, I am a baseball addict so there truly is no offseason for me. With that said, as much as I love the season, I enjoy the offseason an awful lot too. There are tons of stories and countless newsworthy events to keep the baseball addiction well feed. This winter should be no different with a number of intriguing names expected to move via free agency or trades. However, don’t look for as much news worthy action on the Marlins front this year as we saw last year. They are expected to be rather quiet and while that may be disheartening after a rough year, it is better to spend well than it is to spend big for the sake of attention. The Marlins, after last offseason, certainly learned that the hard way.

This franchise can do better, spending wise, than they did a year ago and make strides towards competing for a championship within a few years. What they need to focus on is filling out a roster, developing talent and competing. With guys like Stanton and other toolsy athletic players in the farm system, this franchise is not as far away as many on the outside believe. Christian Yelich has the ability to develop into a star. Zack Cox, acquired in a trade from the Cardinals last year, was considered to be the best college hitter of his draft class two years ago. Both of these guys should get to Miami this year. Rob Brantly could compete for the starting catching job next spring and many say that he can hit major league pitching. Adam Conley could compete for a rotation spot, especially if they deal JJ, and he has promise.

So, while the Marlins may not be as loaded as other teams in the NL East, they have a lot of talent and a lot of potential. This is a team that could grow together rather quickly. I wouldn’t expect them to compete for a playoff spot next year but if they are developed right, they can get there rather quickly. With the talent they have, and a few savvy moves, the Marlins could be right back into contention by 2014. They just need to stick with the plan and be patient.