Great Promotions, Low Cost


A few weeks ago I wrote an article that gave the Marlins some ideas on how to get people to come to the games by giving away “Free Stuff”. Let’s go a little further into this. In the end, people are going to come to the game to watch the players play, right? Well during this off season we lost half our team and the only big names we signed were Juan Pierre and Plácido Polanco. What if the Marlins signed a few more people at low cost around which they can build big promotions? Here are a few of those players.

Sign P Liván Hernández 1 year 750,000

August 27, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Livan Hernandez (61) celebrates a victory with catcher Jonathan Lucroy (20) against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. The Brewers beat the Cubs 15-4. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

It has been stated that Liván wants to continue pitching, so why not bring him back to the team that made him famous? The Marlins don’t have many players they can call their own, but Liván is one of them. This is what the Marlins need to do; they need to call up Liván and come to an understanding with him that after this season he will retire and the Marlins will have a big Retirement tour similar to what the Braves did with Chipper Jones (now I’m not comparing Liván to Chipper just saying what the Marlins could do). Can you imagine Liván Hernández World Series MVP Night, Liván Hernández 15 S/O night, I Love You Miami night, and ending it all with Good Bye Liván Hernández night? This feel good return would drum up some business for the Marlins at a low cost.

Sign P Carl Pavano 1 year 3,000,000

As stated in my “Free Stuff” article, this will be the 10 year anniversary for the 2003 world series team. With Juan and Mike on the team, why not bring back a pitcher who was vital to that team? Carl went undefeated in the ‘03 post seasons, had a 2.35 ERA in the NLCS, and a 1.00 ERA in the World Series. If the Marlins do due something to remember the 2003 World Series, Carl, Mike, Jeff, and Juan would be great in house people to have to remind the fans of our history and to show the club that things will get better.

Sign 1B Jim Thome 2 Years 1,500,000

If you want history, go no further than Jim Thome. Jim is currently at 612 HR for his career. Wouldn’t you like to see a Marlin go for 700, putting him in history with only with 3 other players? Do I think he will get it? Only if he becomes a DH; but think of the spin that the Marlins can pull with this one. Imagine a “Jim Count Down” board in Marlins Park.  It might take a little longer than 2 years (I personally believe it would take at least 4), but when that day comes the Marlins’ name will be in the history books once again. But only if they sign Jim.

Sign OF Johnny Damon 2 Year 3,000,000

July 27, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA: Cleveland Indians left fielder Johnny Damon (33) warms up during batting practice before a game between the Cleveland Indians and Minnesota Twins at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s stay with history. Johnny is at 2769 hits right now. Can you imagine if he hits 3000 in Marlins Orange? With the exemption of last season and 1995, Johnny has played in over 140 games and has over 130 hits each season. No Marlin has ever reached 3000 hits while wearing a fish uniform. The build up to him doing this would be extraordinary. If they also sign Jim, there could be two countdown signs in Marlins Park. The fans will go nuts with excitement because they are going to be part of history. What if HR 700 and Hit 3000 happen the same day? We would be the talk of sports forever.

Alright, time to come back down to Earth. Is any of that a good idea? Besides the “Liván Hernández Farewell,” no. Look, the Marlins are going into a new direction and in the long run, they have to win to get the fans back. Would I like to see all that happen that I just wrote? Of course! The Marlins have a young team and with time will be a power house in MLB. If the Marlins just want to make money, by all means sign those players, milk those accomplishment for all they’re worth, and promote the heck out of them. But if you want a team that will win, you need to come out to the park and support the young talent we have now. Who knows, we could have another 2006 mixed in with a little 2003 on our hands this season.