Marlins Recent Acquistion List


Somewhere, the Marlins front-office has a list. The list perhaps originated on a napkin, or post-it, and has made its way to a document on someone’s hard drive. The list is lined with names of professional baseball players equipped with the skills and price tag to fit into the 2013 Miami Marlins roster.

This week proved how depressing that list might be.

It’s important to reiterate the type of season 2013 should be. The 2013 Marlins will put a team of people who are capable of playing Major League Baseball on the field, and that’s about it. Stanton will mash dingers, young pitchers may surprise the league, and Juan Pierre will lead off.

Apart from that, there are no further plans. The Marlins signed a couple players presumably on the sad, sad list this week including 34-year old utility infielder, Nick Green. According to Joe Frisario of, Green has an “excellent chance make the team as a backup middle infielder.”

Austin Kearns : Logan Morrison :: Pepsi : RC Cola

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Along with Green, the Marlins signed 11-year veteran Austin Kearns to a 1-year deal. Kearns’ role in 2013 should mirror last season: filling in for injured Logan Morrison and pinch-hitting.

Maybe in a separate column on the list, there are names under a title, “BULLPEN.” This “BULLPEN” column must have included 34-year old reliever Michael Wuertz, judging by his minor league contractand invite to spring training. Wuertz didn’t pitch in 2012, after being released by the A’s in 2011.

Ryan Webb’s name also made it to the “BULLPEN” section of this mysterious list, as he and the Marlins avoided arbitration agreeing to a $975K deal.

Recapping the club’s recent spree of filling up the roster with stop-gaps provides more evidence that 2013 should be a long, rebuilding season. Don’t be sad about the upcoming season though, that would be silly. If you really want to be sad, think about the players who didn’t make the Marlins’ list.