Marlin Maniac Site Update


Glad to announce my return to Marlin Maniac. After I stepped down from MM last July, I took on a couple of roles over at Marlins Daily and Fish Stripes. While I enjoyed working on those two site, especially the former under our former leader, Michael Jong, neither of these two site compare to Marlin Maniac.

With my return to Marlin Maniac, I am hoping to get the site back to the level it was before the Miami Marlins debacle of a season that 2012 was. The teams struggle in 2012 made it very hard at times maintain the interest in the team on an every day basis. Even with the latest setback as a Marlins fan, the blockbuster fire-sale in November, I promise that Marlin Maniac will be better then ever in Marlins baseball coverage.

To do this, we will have four great authors, myself included, along with Geoff Parkins, Andy Salgado, and Alex Agueros. But we are not limited to just these authors, as always, we are always looking to add capable writers to our staff. If you enjoy writing about the Marlins, please fill out this application! It’s a wonderful opportunity with a top notch network.

Along with daily posts and news updates about your Miami Marlins, you can expect the following throughout the year:

  • Weekly/Monthly Recaps: Recaps will go up every Monday or the first of every month to have a convenient one stop spot to find all the posts from the past week/month. Here is an example of a weekly/monthly recap.
  • Series Preview Chats: As I did last season many of the Marlins opponents, I will have a quick chat with an author of another Fansided site to get you guys familiar with the Marlins opponent for that series. Here is an example of one of my chats.
  • Game Previews/Reviews: These will be posted the morning of a game, and most of the time, hopefully, immediately following the conclusion of a game. Here is an example of a game preview and a game review.
  • Marlins Way: This will be a segment in which we will have a link dump of all of the best Marlins-related articles on the Internet. There will also be a Marlins Way in which we take a look around the NL East division to see what’s going on with our division foes. Here is a link to Marlins Way and a link to Marlins Way: A Look Around the NL East.

Along with these in-season segments, we will also have a plethora of enticing posts over the next few weeks to get you ready for the season. This will include several good items starting as soon as tomorrow:

  • What Marlins fans can look forward to in the 2013 season.
  • A position-by-position season preview for the team, including a projection of how many games the Marlins will win in 2013.
  • I will unveil my own top 15 prospects lists for the Miami Marlins. This will be a two-week feature where I will unveil the list on a daily basis.
  • Lastly, I will hold myself accountable and go over just how wrong I was on my 2012 season projections for the Marlins.

I hope you will join us on what should be an interesting ride in 2013, not because the Marlins will be contenders, but because of the excitement that a young team can bring. Marlin Maniac will be here to cover every game and every move the Marlins make in 2013 with excellent analysis along the way.

I will mention again, if you are interested in writing for Marlin Maniac, please fill out the application A.S.A.P.