Miami Marlins Rumors: Chris Coghlan almost traded to Boston Red Sox?


As I do every morning, when I wake up, I open up Tweetdeck on my phone and check out all the tweets from the morning. As I was going through the tweets, one from Peter Gammons caught my eyes.

Chris Coghlan has been nothing short of a disappointment over the course of the past few seasons, since his breakout Rookie of the Year season. In that season, Coghlan posted a .321/.390/.460 with a wOBA of .374. Coghlan posted a 2.8 WAR in that season in 565 plate appearances, but his numbers were inflated due to his obscenely high BABIP of .365.

Has Chris Coghlan’s time in Miami run its course? Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

From that point on, Coghlan never returned to the level Marlins fans wanted him to be on. Since his rookie season, Coghlan has posted a stat line of .238/.306.351 with a wOBA of .291 in over 800 plate appearances. Injuries have plagued him since that time as well.

With Coghlan being in his final per-arbitration season and likely out of minor league options, he would have to hope to latch onto the Marlins 25-man roster to start the season, or risk being traded/released by the Marlins.

Either way, after a promising start to his career with the Marlins, Chris Coghlan has come crashing down, on a rapid pace.

No idea who else was involved in the trade, either the other team involved or the potential players. If I hear anything, I will get you guys updated.