2013 Marlin Maniac #15 Prospect: OF Alfredo Silverio


Two weeks ago, we took a look at the Miami Marlins Prospects from #20-16. Those are the players, while they have a chance to make a potential impact on the Marlins roster as soon as next season, just missed my top 15 list. Like I stated in that post, some of those players could rank higher as they progress and move up the Marlins organizational latter.

The 15 players I had ranked above them are here, either because they are close to the majors, in the majors, or have strong star potential.  The first guy we will be looking at, will be former Dodgers prospect, Alfredo Silverio. The Miami Marlins selected outfielder, Alfredo Silverio, from the Los Angeles Dodgers organization this past December during the Rule 5 draft, which took place during the Winter Meetings. Marlins fans best remember the Rule 5 draft from when the Marlins were able to steal all-star second baseman Dan Uggla from the Diamondbacks for a mere $50,000.

Alfredo Silverio has a chance to make a great comeback if he can remain healthy and latch on with the Marlins. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

In Double A Chattanooga in 2011, Silverio hit .306/.340/.542 with 42 doubles, 18 triples, and 16 home runs. He was also invited to play in the Futures Game last July at Chase Field, where he hit a home run.

Coming off of his monster season, Alfredo was seen as the Dodgers fifth best prospect in the Dodgers organization before the 2012 season, by John Sickels, of SB Nation’s Minor League Ball. This is what John had to say about Silverio:

"5) Alfredo Silverio, OF, Grade B-, borderline B: It took him a long time to develop skills to make his tools meaningful, and he still has issues with the strike zone and using his speed on the bases, but progress has been real and he’s the best position prospect in the system. Should put up huge numbers in Albuquerque even if his underlying skills don’t improve."

Silverio was likely to see some time in the major leagues during the 2012 season, especially with Dodgers superstar Matt Kemp struggling with injuries throughout the season.

Unfortunately for Silverio, he was struck with some really bad luck. He was involved in a significant car accident in the Dominican Republic on January 23. Silverio lost control of his car in the and glanced off a concrete wall and rolled several times.

Silverio suffered injuries to his back, shoulder, elbow, and neck. He also suffered from concussion symptoms several weeks after the accident. He also briefly lost his memory, underwent Tommy John surgery on his right throwing arm and missed the entire 2012 season. A major setback for a player that was so close to reaching the Major Leagues.

Due to the massive amount of injuries that Silverio sustained, he was forced miss the 2012 season. The Dodgers had little choice but to leave him off of their 40-man roster, which exposed him to be a candidate for a team to select in the Rule 5 draft, which of course, the Marlins jumped on. The pick comes with plenty of risk, as Larry Beinfest pointed out to Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald:

"“We thought … that it was a reasonable risk to bring him in,” Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest said. “We really like him in center field. If he’s not completely healthy, we understand that as well.”"

Silverio, being a Rule 5 draftee, has to make the Marlins team out of Spring Training and stick on the roster the entire season, or his contract will be offered back to the Dodgers. Due to his injuries though, Silverio has a different set of circumstances if he is not 100% recovered from his ailments, he will be allowed to start the season on the Disabled List, but will have to spend at least 90 days on the Marlins active roster, or be offered back to the Dodgers.

John Sickels ranked Silverio as the fourteenth best prospect in the Marlins organization and still likes Silverio’s skills, but is unsure how the layoff and the injuries will affect him:

"14) Alfredo Silverio, OF, Grade C+: Rule 5 pick from the Dodgers, missed entire season recovering from an auto accident. Tough to rank as a result, could fit higher depending on what you emphasize. Solid across-the-board tools, had a great year in Double-A in 2011 at age 24, but his skills are rather raw and it is unclear how the layoff will impact him."

Silverio is a feel-good story in the Miami Marlins 2013 Spring Training camp that features a lot of feelings of betrayal by the Marlins front office after the latest fire sale. If Silverio is able to make the Marlins team and make some sort of impact in the 2013 season, he will be one of the greatest comeback stories in baseball.

After hearing his story, it is hard not to root for someone like Silverio. In a season where positives will be very far in between, unless you are Giancarlo Stanton, a feel-good story like Silverio could be a major storyline for the Marlins.