Miami Marlins 2013 Season Preview: Staff Predictions (Part 2)


Opening day 2013 is just three days away. To get ready for the season, our Marlin Maniac staff put together some predictions for the 2013 Miami Marlins and Major League Baseball season. We answered some burning questions surrounding the Miami Marlins as well as made some predictions on how the season will play out.

We will now continue with the burning questions we started looking at earlier today:

Mar 12, 2013; Jupiter, FL, USA; Miami Marlins starting pitcher Ricky Nolasco (47) rubs the baseball during a spring training game against the Houston Astros at Roger Dean Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

4. Will Ricky Nolasco be on the Marlins all season long or will he be traded at some point? Who else can you see being dealt?

Ehsan: If Ricky can provide the Marlins with a strong first half, the team will be able to trade Nolasco away to a contending team searching for starting pitching. The team can maximize it’s return by eating a portion of the money owed to Nolasco. Juan Pierre, Placido Polanco, and Steve Cishek could be hot commodities at the deadline as well.

Andy: He will stay. The only players I can see being traded are Chris Coghlan which is sad cause I really like him, he has just had a few bad breaks, and maybe some good farm players.

Justen: He’ll be dealt in my opinion. When the deadline comes, he’ll be long gone. Morrison is someone I can see being traded as well if he struggles.

Geoff: Gone at the trade deadline, as long as Fernandez doesn’t completely tank when he comes up.

Will: Nolasco will be dealt unless something bizarre happens and were firmly in contention. Can also see Juan Pierre, Steve Cishek, Placido Polanco, Greg Dobbs, and potentially Kotchman if he shows he can play average ball.

David: Ricky will be with the team until deadline day, when he will be traded for a relief prospect. Placido Polanco and Kevin Slowey will both be traded.

Alex: Barring any sort of injury, Nolasco will probably be moved by the deadline. Teams looking to put themselves over for a playoff run can pick up the righty for a reasonable price to a team in the middle of rebuilding.

Placido: Nolasco will be traded by June. Juan Pierre and Casey Kotchman will also be dealt away by the trading deadline.

James: I imagine that if some team makes the right offer for Nolasco he will be gone by the trade deadline. Steve Cishek is someone who, if the Marlins are playing dismally come the trading deadline, I could see him being shipped elsewhere.

5. Which Marlins pitcher will have a breakout season? How about Marlins hitter?

Ehsan: I have been enamored with Nathan Eovladi since the Miami Marlins acquired him from the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Hanley Ramirez trade. I think he will become the Marlins best pitcher by seasons end, before being overtaken by Jose Fernandezin 2014. I have faith that Chris Coghlan will resurface as a capable major league hitter this season.

Mar 23, 2013; Jupiter, FL, USA; Miami Marlins starting pitcher Nate Eovaldi (24) throws in the first inning against the St. Louis Cardinals during a spring training game at Roger Dean Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Andy: Wade LeBlanc and Cishek will be the surprise pitchers for the Marlins this year. We all know what Cishek can do in a shorten season, just wait and see what he is goign to do when he has the closing job. Leblanc has the stuff to be a great pitcher but no one has any faith in him out side the Marlins he will shock them. I like Hech’s bat he’s not a power hitter but he will get on base and that is what the Marlins need for Giancarlo.

Justen: Nathan Evoaldi will be the breakout pitcher this season, hopefully making the Hanley trade look a little better.

Geoff: Eovaldi. Brantly.

Will: Nathan E for the breakout pitcher. High ceiling, love his stuff. Break out hitter, hopefully Logan Morrison.

David: Slowey will have a solid start of the season and be traded in July. Cishek will look other-worldly in the bullpen. Logan Morrison will finally do what everyone knows he’s capable of.

Alex: Despite his rocky spring, I have a lot of faith in Jacob Turner. After the Tigers rushed him through their system, a quick minor league stint to refine his pitching approach, control, and perhaps his changeup will pay dividends. As for hitters, I don’t think Donovan Solano will put up All-Star numbers, but his aggressive play style will quickly make him a fan favorite. Whether he’s playing well or not, his high-energy attitude will at least make fans happy.

PlacidoHenderson Alvarez will finally learn to control an offspeed pitch and have a breakout season. Rob Brantly will take advantage of hitting in the middle of the order and produce an 80 RBI season.

James: I hope to see Nate Eovaldi have a great season, I know he’s still relatively green, but I like his stuff.  As for Marlins hitter, I would really like to see Logan Morrison break out and be the star that we all know he can be.

6. Make a bold prediction (or two) for the season.

Ehsan: The Miami Marlins will not be in last place in the NL East and Logan Morrison will return to form for the Marlins, solidifying his role as the first baseman of the future for the Fish.

Andy: Marlins will win more games then last year! They will win the World Series. (What I’m a fan, I always believe my team is going to win the Series every year)

Justen: Bold prediction… Hm… The Marlins will win 70 games this season. As bad as the season might look right now, there are always other factors that take place during the season. Look at us last season, it didn’t work out. Who’s to say the Braves are going to be good or the Nats can repeat their success.

Geoff: Loria finds a way to pay Stanton. (Editors note: This would be every Marlins fans dream come true).

Will: The Marlins will win more games than they did last season. Rob Brantly will exceed expectations and remain stable at the C position for a long time.

David: Chris Coghlan will log 125 starts and put up an OPS over .750. The Marlins are over .500 for the month of August.

Alex: The Marlins play spoiler for the Nationals at the end of the season, helping the Braves clinch first in the NL East.

Placido: After Nolasco, Pierre, Polanco and Kotchman are traded Bud Selig decides he has had enough and makes it his primary goal to get the Marlins a new owner by the time he retires in 2014. Kevin Slowey capatilizes on his opportunity and the dimensions of Marlins Park to post a sub 4.00 ERA and 12 Wins which leads to an $10 million+ contract as a free agent in the offseason with another team obviously.

James: My BOLD prediction is that the Marlins will finish the season with a better record than the New York Yankees (GASP!)

7. How many games will the Marlins lose in 2013? Will they avoid the 100-loss mark? 

Ehsan: The Marlins will lose between 92 and 95 games, thus avoiding the infamous 100-loss mark.

Andy: 72 wins and 90 losses

Justen: I think they’ll be around a .500 ball club. If not, then right under it.

Geoff: 92. Yes, as long as the pitching doesn’t get worse. All bets are off if the rotation can’t handle 5-6 ipg.  4-5 ipg, and we’re through.

Will: Do not have a set number, but I believe they will avoid the 100 loss mark.

David: The Marlins will lose 92 games, finishing with 70 wins and allowing management to say, “See? We were better than last year!”

Alex: I’m guessing the Marlins lose around 95 games this season. The Marlins pick up some wins against the AL Central this season keeping them below the dreaded 100-game mark.

Placido: The Marlins will lose 97 games this season as they start the season hanging around .500 until the All Star break then fall apart in the second half.

James: I see the Marlins winning around 72-78 games this year.  That would let them avoid the 100-loss mark.

That is it for the rest of the burning questions for the Miami Marlins 2013 season. Stay tuned for part 3, in which we make predictions on award races, divisional races, and the playoffs.