If you love talking about the Miami Marlins and want to share your opinions with the tho..."/> If you love talking about the Miami Marlins and want to share your opinions with the tho..."/>

Marlin Maniac is Searching for New Writers


If you love talking about the Miami Marlins and want to share your opinions with the thousands of other fans, Marlin Maniac is the perfect place for you to write. Marlin Maniac is searching for new writers to add to our already amazing staff.

Our goal on MM is to provide the best Marlins-related news on the internet. This ranges from game recaps to the latest breaking news. When the Marlins make a major trade, we are going to not only cover it, we will also have full analysis on how the trade affects the Marlins, as well as our own opinions on the move.

Marlin Maniac is apart of the Fansided network. Fansided is a fast growing network that provides great sports coverage ranging from Major League Baseball down to Golfing. It has become the go-to place for many sports fans to get their fix off all the latest sports news on the internet. With our content partnership with Sports Illustrated our work is also featured at SI.com, making it a certainty that what you write won’t go unnoticed.

Our biggest requirement is simply an enthusiasm for Miami Marlins baseball (and the MLB). Prior writing experience, though encouraged, is not necessarily required.

Here is a rundown of the positions that Marlin Maniac is currently seeking:


If you are looking for the occasional outlet to vent on your team, contributing may be the best role for you. The requirements for this position would be one or two posts a month, but we would welcome more if possible.

Staff Writer:

For this role, you’ll need to be a little more involved. A staff writer is required to post at least once a week and four to six times a month. We want our staff writers to be the site’s backbone, as everyone brings a brand new perspective to the site. Not everyone of our writers see eye-to-eye on every Marlin subject.

Fantasy Analyst:

Do you love fantasy baseball and want to give others advise on how to build their fantasy teams? Do you want to give start/sit advise and which players are the best pickup on waivers? This is a position that has never been filled on MM before and we would love to start now.

Social Media Manager:

Do you love interacting with other Marlins fans on Twitter and Facebook? If so, this is the perfect role for you. You will be in charge of the Marlin Maniac Twitter and Facebook pages and provide in-game updates and interact with fans on a regular basis. This is a fun role and does not require any posting commitment at all.

Think you might have some interest in joining the team or know someone who would? Head over and complete our online application. The application will ask you a few questions about your past experience as well as ask you to provide a sample writing. If you are qualified to be a writer for the Fansided Network, we’ll be in touch from there and will be happy to answer whatever questions you might have as we further discuss the expectations that we ask of our writing team.

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