Tampa Bay Rays Rookie Deals Miami Marlins 9th Straight Loss


Photo Credit: Alan Diaz/ AP

With yet another game in the books, the Miami Marlins gained more experience on how to have the worst record in the league. Last night the Miami Marlins took on the Tampa Bay Rays in what was the final game in what was a short two game series for the two interstate rivals. The Marlins took the field in front of their home fans with the expectation that they would be able to snap their dreaded 8 game losing streak, in hopes of restoring some joy within the organization and its fans. Unfortunately, they failed to find their way back into the win column, losing to Tampa 5-2.

The Miami Marlins sent their ace Ricky Nolasco to the mound to take on Alex Colome. Colome, who was recently called up from Triple-A, was scheduled to have a spot in the bullpen; however, the injury bug plagued the Rays pitching staff, forcing them to make a minor adjustment and give Colome the start. For Colome, it was his big league debut. Colome took advantage of the fact that the Marlins have the worst record and offense in baseball and went out for 5 innings, giving the Rays organization a good idea of what exactly he could do.

Despite the fact that Colome had a fantastic performance, the game started off in the Marlins favor. Placido Polanco was able to score a first inning run off of a passed ball. With the Marlins getting luck early on in the game, I, along with many others I’m sure, felt good about this game. It seemed as if that one run would be able to do for the fish for a while, as ace Ricky Nolasco had brought his A-game early. In his first 5 innings of work, Nolasco only allowed a single hit. The Marlins appeared to be in good shape; however, Nolasco eventually lost his mojo in the sixth inning after giving up a two run home-run hit by Matt Joyce.

The seventh inning wasn’t better for Nolasco either. James Looney was able to hit a solo shot to right, giving the Rays a 3-1 lead. Marlins manager Mike Redmond then made the wise decision of taking Nolasco out of the game, in favor of relief pitcher, Dan Jennings.

Headed into the bottom of the eighth, the Marlins were still down two runs and the pressure to score was increasing. Just like in the first inning, the Marlins were basically given a free run, after Joel Peralta walked Marlins catcher Miguel Olivo with the bases loaded, bringing in Placido Polanco. Unfortunately, the Marlins were unable to bring in another run and they found themselves still down a run headed into the ninth inning.

Marlins pitcher, Mike Dunn then came in to pitch the ninth inning. With the team being down by one run, all Dunn had to do was get three outs and put the game in the hands of the offense. Sadly, that’s not what Mike Dunn likes to do. In just .1 innings pitched, Dunn managed to give up two runs off of a Ben Zobrist double, putting the Rays up by 3 runs and essentially giving them the game.

The Marlins ended the game in style after sending three up and three down to close out the game, extending their losing streak to 9 games, while continuing to thoroughly upset their entire fan-base.

With the losing streak now extended to 9 games, the Marlins will take on their biggest rival, the New York Mets in a three game home series. The Marlins will send Jacob Turner to the mound tonight, in his season debut.

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