Game Recap: Miami Marlins of Florida vs Philadelphia SyPhillies


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SyPhillies….the silent killer.  Stay away.  You don’t want to look like this guy.

Today’s game features Marlins ace Ricky Nolasco vs the SyPhillies Jonathan Pettibone.

The first inning nothing happened.  The second inning, the Marlins get rockin with Casey Kotchman grounding out to shortstop scoring the en fuego Marcell Ozuna to make the score 1-0 Fish.  Nothing happens in the third inning.

In the fourth inning nothing happened.  The fifth inning saw Adeiny Hechavarria would single, steal second, and then come around to score on a Rob Brantly single making the score 2-0 Fish.  Nothing else happens in the fifth inning.  YAWN! In the sixth inning nothing happens.

In the seventh inning the SyPhillies decide to wake up and score to make it 2-1 Fish.  Then proceed to tie the game at 2-2.  Little controversy on the part of the SyPhillies with a head first slide into second base that caused two outs where there would normally have only been one but that, as they say, is how the cookie crumbles.  Booing ensues for several hours while the Phillies faithful figure out why they all smell something funny….hint, hint….it’s called halitosis.  Jonathan Pabelbon comes in to keep the Marlins at bay in the ninth, which, unfortunately, he does, to thunderous applause. Chad Qualls comes in for the Fish in the bottom of the ninth inning and promptly provides free baseball to all in attendance.

In the tenth inning Antonio Bastardo, who in my opinion has the most unfortunate last name ever, comes in to pitch for the SyPhillies walks Juan Pierre, who would take second on the sacrifice by Ed Lucas and would then steal third base.  Pierre would then come in to score the go-ahead run on a wild pitch by Bastardo making the score 3-2 Fish.  Steve Cishek, who sells seashells by the seashore, would come in and blow the save opportunity with a solo home-run by John Mayberry to tie it at 3-3.  In the eleventh inning the SyPhillies will win it on a walk off grand slam by some guy.  Who cares?

Till next time kids.

Go Marlins!!!!