2013 MLB Draft: Miami Marlins draft LHP Matt Krook 35th overall


The Miami Marlins got the college bat they had coveted in North Carolina’s third baseman Colin Moran. The Marlins would then return to their old drafting habits by taking a talented left hander with the 35th pick. The Marlins used their Competitive Balance Round A to take prep lefty Matt Krook from St. Ignatius High in California.

Krook is a 6-foot-2, 190 lbs. left hander who features a strong fastball that sits in the low-90’s. Scouts believe he has the chance to reach the mid-90’s as he fills out. He also features a hard, biting curveball. The changeup remains a work in progress for Krook, so it’s going to be his breaking ball that will be the key to his success early on.

This is what Chris Crawford of MLB Draft Insider had this to say about Krook in his 2013 draft book:

"Krook was one of the bigger “pop-ups” of the draft, and at one point looked like he was heading towards being picked in the first dozen selections. Since then the results have been inconsistent, but a team looking for a southpaw with a potential plus fastball and plus-plus curveball should look no further than him. Expect to see Krook taken sometime in the first 50 selections, maybe even the first round."

Krook was considered a strong commit to the University of Oregon, hence the reason he fell to the compensation round. The Marlins must have obviously done their homework in order to draft Krook at this spot.

In fact, he said that he is prepared to sign and play baseball on Thursday after being picked:

"“I love Oregon, love the coaches up there, but I think at this point I’m ready to play pro ball,” Krook said. “I just want to get my career started. Both me and [advisor Matt Sosnick] knew what it would take to decide and it fell in the range.”"

Marlins fans are familiar with the name Sosnick, as he is also the agent for starting pitcher Ricky Nolasco. While the Marlins and Nolasco seem to have a strained relationship, that should not affect the negotiations for Krook at all.

Here is a video of Krook pitching:

If the Marlins can get Krook to sign the dotted line on a contract, they will have a nice trio of lefties with high upsides in the minors. Along with Krook, the Marlins already have Justin Nicolino and Andrew Heaney. Combine those three with Brian Flynn and Adam Conley, the Marlins have an impressive bunch of lefties in their system.

I do believe if the Marlins allow him to progress properly, he will soon become the best pitching prospect for the Marlins. His upside is a little higher than Heaney or Nicolino’s.