Marlin Maniac Interviews Roger Hoover


If you are looking forward to the Miami Marlins’ future and have grown tired of the losing on the major league level, one of the best places to watch the future of the Marlins would be in Jacksonville. The Suns are currently 32-30 and two games behind Mobile for the lead in the South division of the Southern League.

I recently had a chance to attend three Suns games while they were in Birmingham to take on the Barons. With my media credentials through Fansided, I was able to sit in the press box and talk to scouts, reporters, and even some players.

After last Friday night’s game, I met with Logan Morrison as he was leaving the Barons broadcasting booth, as he was named player of the game. LoMo quickly agreed to an interview and I posted that on Saturday morning.

I also was able to interview Nathan Eovladi, Adam Conley, Kyle Jensen, and Jake Marisnick, as well as manager Andy Barkett. I will have all of those interviews up in the coming days, but today I wanted to share the interview I had with Suns play-by-play caller, Roger Hoover.

Roger and I covered an array of topics, from Giancarlo Stanton to Logan Morrison to the bright future of the Marlins. Roger has some interesting opinions that should raise some eyebrows as well, like if he believes a certain outfield prospect can be better than Giancarlo.

Here is the audio of the interview I did with Mr. Hoover before Monday’s double header:

A huge thank you to Mr. Hoover for taking his time out to interview with us. Roger is a really cool person and has a great knowledge of the Marlins entire system. Follow him on Twitter @Roger_Hoover.