Now that I have had a few days to calm down and let things sink in, I can finally put my..."/> Now that I have had a few days to calm down and let things sink in, I can finally put my..."/>

The Ultimate Marlins Fan Crashing The MLB Fan Cave: Part 1


Now that I have had a few days to calm down and let things sink in, I can finally put my fingers to the keys and talk about what is easily the greatest baseball moment I have ever experienced. This past weekend I got to spend time in New York as the Ultimate Marlins Fan Cave Crasher!

For all those who don’t know what the MLB Fan Cave is, it’s a place in New York were MLB selected 9 super fans to stay in this building and watch every single baseball game this season. For all my return readers you all know that this year I made Top 52 and was the only Marlins fan to make it that far. Well, unfortunately I got cut before the round of 32. As heart breaking as that was, lady luck seemed to be smiling at me later.

In comes the Marlins Ultimate Fan Cave Crasher Instagram Contest. (Wow that is a mouthful.) The Marlins asked their fans to take a photo and post it on Instagram proving that you are the Ultimate Marlins Fan. Winner got a trip to New York to hang out at the Fan Cave and got to see a game between the Marlins and the Mets. As a Die Hard Marlins fan there is no way I was going to turn this down. So I walked into my office (also known as my Marlins Fan Cave) took a picture and submitted it.

A few weeks later the Marlins contacted me and told me I won the The Ultimate Fan Contest and was flying out to New York on June 6. Words can’t describe how happy I was when I got this news. June 6 rolled around and my wife and I walked out our door into a waiting car that would take us to the airport. When we landed we were told that we were going straight to the Fan Cave. This is where all the fun begins.

So we show up to the Fan Cave and who is there besides the Dwellers? There were 10 draftees who were believed to be drafted in the 1st round of the First Year Draft! Already I was in Heaven! It just got better and better. Dwellers who I ‘friended’ while being in the Top 52 saw me and ran to me and gave me a hug. They were so glad that it was me who had won. So after catching up with all the Dwellers, I talked to a few of the Draftees. When all the talk was done the Draftees went and had lunch. Leaving me and the Dwellers to our own entertainment.

The Dwellers then gave me a tour of the complex. They showed me the dirt bar of every stadium in the Majors, mission control where there are up to the minute stats on every team, the wall of baseballs signed by every player and celebraties that have visited the cave, the table tennis room (these guys take table tennis very seriously). My wife and I were able to go down the slide, then on to the Cave Monster were every game plays on, and finally to the down stairs VIP room to finish off the buffet that the draftees left us. What an amazing place. This was all in the first 3 hours of being there!

Next came the Miami Marlins players crashing the Cave!

Please join me next time for Part Two of my Cave Crashing experience were I will talk about the Players who crashed the Cave the Hi-jinxes that followed and what it felt like to catch every baseball game at once! Till next time… Let’s go Marlins!