The Ultimate Marlins Fan Crashes The MLB Fan Cave: Part 4


Jun 9, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Miami Marlins second baseman Derek Dietrich (51) gets a high five from third base coach Joey Espada (4) as he rounds the bases after hitting a game-tying solo home run during the eighth inning of a game against the New York Mets at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Meeting the Draftees, touring the Fan Cave, meeting Marlins Players, watching Steve Cishek scaring Derek Dietrich in a ninja suit, being given an goodie bag full of Marlins and Fan Cave stuff, and listening to stories told by players, you would think that all that was my entire weekend. Nope, that was just the first half of day 1. Today I’m going to finish the rest of my 1st day at the MLB Fan Cave. I have lots to still talk about so let’s jump right in.

After Derek Dietrich left, I got to see the Cave Monster in action. It all started with Tampa vs Detroit and then Baltimore vs Houston. What a site this Monster is. 5 TV screens across, 3 TV down for a total of 15 screens playing nothing but baseball! The Dwellers took their seats on the sofa and chairs and began watching and talking about what else? BASEBALL. I didn’t want to interfere with any of them so I grabbed a chair and placed it behind the sofa so I could see the Monster in action. The Dwellers asked if I wanted to sit on the sofa but I liked my spot and they understood perfectly. Watching those two games on that monster was amazing and made me wish that I had one at home. After the games were over, came the filming.

The camera crew asked me if I could sit down for a few and answer some of their questions for the web site. You know I did! So they asked their questions and we filmed my responses. As a “performer” at heart I was so happy that I got a few minutes to be on camera!

With all that said and done, I thought my day at The Cave was done with no more games till 7:10 pm and I still needing to check into my hotel, I was about ready to leave. When April, the Blue Jays’ Dweller, asked me if I would like to stay and watch the rest of the games? WHAT!?!?!?! I didn’t want to impose on any of the other Dwellers, but they all insisted that I stay. Of course I wasn’t going to turn this down!

After I took a quick break to swing by a comic book store down the street, I returned to my chair behind the sofa and

Cave Dweller Aaron celebrating the victory over the Braves.

began watching the last 8 games of the night on the Monster! OH MY GOSH, I WAS IN HEAVEN! What made it even better was that 3 of the 7 dwellers’ teams were playing. Unfortunately Mina, the Rangers’ Dweller, team lost in walk off fashion thanks to a David Oriz 3-run homer! She wasn’t too happy. Then Marcus, the White Sox’s Dweller, lost in extra innings, off an Adam Rosales homer in the 10th. Aaron, the Dodgers’ Dweller, seemed to be the only Dweller today that got to celebrate a team win with his Dodgers winning 5-0. It was nice to see and talk to people who love baseball as much as I do, but the games weren’t the only things going on tonight.

Tonight was also the night of the MLB Draft, and you know we all were at the edge of our seats waiting for our teams to pick. Except Danny, he is the Angels’ Dweller, and the Angles didn’t have a first round pick. So we all discussed what our team needed. When the Marlins came up every one in the room said that the Marlins were going to draft a Pitcher, but knowing my team and the amount of young talented pitchers we have, deep down inside I knew we were going to draft a 3rd basemen. Enter Colin Moran our first pick this year who happens to be a 3rd baseman. Nailed it! Everyone was impressed that I got it right. Though the reaction of the night goes to April when the Jays selected Phillip Bickford and the glee in her face was awesome. I need to have draft parties like this at my house soon.

The happiness on Aprils face when the Blue Jays Selected Phillip Bickford in the first round of the MLB Draft!

After the last games of the night it was off to the hotel. I said my goodbyes to the Dwellers and was ready to never see the Cave again. Until Travis, the Mets’ Dweller, and April asked if I would like to watch the games here tomorrow. OF COURSE I WOULD! So join me next time when I continue crashing the Cave for a 2nd day. Till then… Let’s Go Marlins!