Let’s move on to day..."/>

Let’s move on to day..."/>

The Ulitmate Marlins Fan Crashes The MLB Fan Cave: Part 5


Let’s move on to day two. What can I say about day 2? Well… it rained… a lot! Funny thing is that this is the second time in my life that I’ve visited New York and this was the second Tropical Storm that followed me from Florida to New York. Half of New York was under flash flood warnings, and some people were told to stay in there homes until the storm calmed down. Did I? NOPE! I’m in New York (to some it is baseball capital of the world)! Also, I’m from Florida and rain has never stopped me before. So how did I spend my rain soaked day?

On our 2nd day we visited The Yankee Tavern. A place were all Yankee Fans head to to talk baseball.

My wife and I woke up at around 8 am to get an early start of baseball sightseeing. To where, you ask? Off to Yankees Stadium!  Sorry guys, my wife is a Yankees fan (but I’m slowly converting her to the Marlins’ side). However, even though she loves the Yankees, the main reason we went to Yankees Stadium was to eat at a place we were told that all baseball fans needed to eat when they visited New York. That place is called The Yankee Tavern.

Established in 1923, this is the place where Yankees fans go before, during, and after games, as well as where people go to get their Yankees fix during the off season. The walls are covered with Yankees World Series memorabilia and pictures of great players. I find it funny, though, that they don’t have any 2003 ALCS Championship memorabilia around (hehehe). I like it when I get to bring up the World Series Champion Marlins. So we sat down and had a nice lunch, and afterwards we sat at the bar and had a drink. The bartender was a really nice guy, and we stayed for close to an hour just talking to him about the Marlins and Yankees, and what the future holds for both teams. He was a very knowledge young man, but I guess you have to be to work at a place where Yankees fans hang out. We paid our tab and took the subway back to the Fan Cave!

Arriving back at the Cave, we were greeted by all the dwellers and they were ecstatic to see us. The Cave Monster began with the Cubs vs. the Pirates, so the dwellers all took their spots and I grabbed my chair and once again placed it behind the sofa. Halfway through the game Travis and I got the sad news that the Marlins vs. the Mets game was rescheduled due to weather. I guess we would have to wait until tomorrow for some friendly ribbing. After the Cubs vs. Pirates game was over we took a quick break to grab some food, because during the later games is where the fun really began.

5 of the 7 Dwellers’ teams were playing. The game of the night pitted the Rangers against the Blue Jays, which put Mina vs. April. Since the Marlins were rained out, I was adopted by April and the Blue Jays’ twitter world as an honoree Blue Jays Fan (after all, many of last year’s Fish players are currently on that team). Texas jumped out to a 1 run lead in the first, but their luck would stop there. In the fourth Melky Cabrera hit a Home Run to tie the game up, which meant it was time for the Home Run Slide! I hit the gong ran up the stairs and slid down the slide! What a great feeling. Then, the Blue Jays started piling on the runs, eventually winning 6-1. I don’t think I brought Mina much luck this weekend. Ben and his Reds lost to the Cardinals 9-2, and Marcus’ White Sox lost another nail biter to the A’s 4-3. Aaron and his Dodgers… well let’s talk about that one a little bit more.

Going into this game as a Marlins fan, I didn’t want the Braves to win; but more than that Aaron was a big part of my run in the Fan Cave Top 52 so I had to root for his team. The game started off slow, with the Braves taking a 1-0 lead into the 6th.Then Puig Mania hit, and by hit I mean he had an out of the park homer that tied the game up at 1-1. This is where things got interesting. Going into the 10th it was still tied up;  Andre Either lined out, then was followed by a Ramon Hernandez single, who then advanced on a wild pitch, then was moved to 3rd by a Luis Cruz single, then was taken out for Skip Schumaker to pinch run, who finally scored on a wild pitch. Wow, what an interesting inning! All that was followed up with a walk off pie-to-the-face of Aaron, his first of the season. Since that was the final game, it was time to head back to the hotel.

The Dweller asked me if I could come back tomorrow. I told them that I was going to the Mets vs. Marlins game tomorrow and they told me to come after the game since it was a 1:05 game. I said sure. Little did I know what I was in store for at this game. Join me next time when I talk about a piece of Marlins history that I got on June 8, 2013. Till next time as always… Let’s Go Marlins!