Game Recap Miami Marlins of Florida vs the Evil Southern Empire (Atlanta Braves)


Mandatory Credit goes to me.

I’m experiencing déjà-vu I swear I was just here a week ago.  Oh wait!  I was.  Only this time the scenery is better.  Tonight’s game features Atlanta’s Teheran vs Miami’s H, Alvarez.  After staying up late last night and having to endure a crushing loss at the hands of my most hated rival the Braves announcers are going to annoy me even more tonight.  You have been warned.

The first saw the Braves announcers pan the camera into the harbor, and specifically, on a sailboat in the harbor, and state that the Braves are not playing the Pirates and then they proceed to laugh at themselves.  Something tells me they do this a lot.  I have no idea, I find them completely inept as announcers.  In the second inning the bad guys get on the board 0-1.  The Marlins answer back in the bottom of the second inning with a Brantly three-run home-run to make it 3-1 fish.  The Braves would tie the game in the top of the fourth 3-3.  The Marlins would answer back in the bottom half of the inning retaking the lead and making the score 4-3 Fish.

The fifth inning saw the bad guys tie it up 4-4.  The Marlins would not do anything in the bottom half of the inning.  The sixth inning nothing happened, but the Braves announcers, in their infinitely inept wisdom, would try to be funny by comparing Marlins Park to the starship Enterprise.  I see no resemblance personally, but then again, I’m not talented enough to get paid to talk out of my rear end on live television to a fan-base that only cares to listen if the team I’m covering is winning.

The seventh inning would see the evil empire get another run, 4-6 YAWN!  And the Braves announcers continue to dwell on how far the home-run was hit for the rest of the inning.  This was only after the Braves announcers had a very long discussion about the crickets they could hear chirping that apparently nest in the microphones at Marlins Park.  The only crickets chirping that I ever hear is when I ask a Braves fan how many time their team has choked in the playoffs, go figure. The bottom of the seventh inning was uneventful for the Marlins.  The eight inning saw nothing happen.  And in the ninth inning, the bad guys win.

Till next time kids.

Go Marlins!!!!