MLB Ball Park Showdown: Marlins Park vs. Kauffman Stadium


After St. Louis we headed to Kansas City. KC was a very nice baseball town which has The Negro League Baseball Museum, Chappell’s Sports Bar and Museum, and of course the home of the Kansas City Royals, Kauffman Stadium. Welcome to this edition of MLB Ball Park Showdown: Marlins Park vs. Kauffman Stadium. So how does Kauffman compare to Marlins Park? Let’s find out.

The Outside Look:

Kauffman Stadium as seen from the highway does not look like a baseball stadium at all. It looks more like an amphitheater than a ball park. Which if you’re into interesting looking ball parks it works; but if you see it from the highway you wouldn’t know it was a ball park until you see the Royals’ crown. Sorry Kauffman, I want a baseball looking ballpark.

Standing outside Kauffman Stadium with my Marlins Jersey.

Run: Marlins Park


The Inside:

Kauffman Stadium is a very, very, very open park. There is only one section that is covered while the rest is open to the outside. While if it rains it would be hard for everyone to look for enough cover, it had a nice outside feel throughout the park.

This one is hard. Marlins Park is nice and indoors and colorful. Kauffman in bright and outside. Two very different sites. So we will give them both a run.

Run: Tie

Hall Of Fame:

When you think of the Royals what comes to mind? Whatever you thought of, it’s in the Royals Hall of Fame. If you didn’t think of anything, swing by the Hall of Fame and learn about the rich history of the Royals. It’s a really nice Hall of Fame. In my opinion this Hall of Fame is better then the one in Atlanta. So run goes to Kauffman.

Run: Kauffman Stadium


The Home Run Statue:

This is one of the few times I enjoyed the Home Run Statue at a baseball park. Why? Because it wasn’t a statue. When the Royals hit a home run there fountains go off with lights in an amazing water show that is awe inspiring. Very enjoyable!

Run: Kauffman Stadium

The Skyline:

For a very open stadium, the skyline is missing! I walked all around the stadium looking for a view and couldn’t find anything. Miami skyline wins another inning.

Run: Marlins Park


Variety of Food:

UGGG! Is this something new with all ballparks? You don’t have to serve only hot dogs, burger, pizza, and nachos. Be different have something new and exciting. Kansas City has some great food they can bring into the park. Give some variety for the fans to choose.

Run: Marlins Park

The Must Have Food Item:

Ok, this one was recommended by the Royals’ twitter account. I tweeted when I got to the park asking what is the must eat food, and the Royals responded back to hit the All Star-BBQ and try their Cheesy Corn Brisket-acho. Who am I to argue with the Royals? Boy was this good a nacho plate. It was cheesy and was topped with corn and BBQ Brisket. It wasn’t as good as the Cardinals brisket, but it was good. Now the ultimate question, Cuban Sandwich or Brisket-acho? Hands down Cuban Sandwich. In the end, the Brisket-acho is just another version of nachos.

This is the delicious Brisket-acho that the Kansas Royals recommended.

Run: Marlins Park



No free WI-FI. I need WI-FI!

Run: Marlins Park



I sat dead center field at Kauffman Stadium and have sat dead center at Marlins Park too. I just felt really far in Kauffman. Again this could be an illusion because Kauffman is so open and Marlins Park is so closed, but I felt so far away. Illusion or not, I feel more on top of the game at Marlins Park.

Dead center at Kauffman Stadium.

Run: Marlins Park


After 9 innings who came out on top? Marlins win 7-3. This was a really unfair comparison. Look, Kauffman Stadium at one time was a state of the art facility… back in 1973. Yes it did get a face lift in 2007-2009 but the look fits the 70’s not now. It’s a neat stadium, but I’ll take Marlins Park. Join me next time when we head to Arlington to check out Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Till then… Let’s Go Marlins