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Miami Marlins Make Right Call in Promoting Yelich, Marisnick


Jul 14, 2013; Flushing , NY, USA; USA designated hitter Christian Yelich hits a RBI double during the second inning of the 2013 All Star Futures Game at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Marlins made the right choice in promoting their two best outfield prospects in Christian Yelich and Jake Marisnick. The Marlins offense has been a stagnant mess for the majority of the season even with the return of Stanton and Morrison. Ozuna and Dietrich have provided some nice offensive bursts from time to time but they have shown their inexperience and Major League pitchers are really taking advantage of it. Left field has been a joke for most the season, as Ruggiano and Pierre are barely able to on base. Jake Marisnick and Christian Yelich are two high end prospects that could finally give the extra boost to a slumping team that could take them out of the cellar in the National League.

The decision to Ozuna and Dietrich down to Double-A is a little bit hard to swallow, since they carried the team through the most challenging time of the season, but I do think the decision is justified. Dietrich showed that he can be a solid player in the majors but he really does need to fix some major problems with batting discipline. If just needs some more seasoning in the minors just so he can work out the kinks. I think he’ll be back shortly after the trade deadline when there are a few open roster spots.

The same could be said about Marcell Ozuna, he was a solid contributor for the entire time he was up here but baseball definitely humbled him in the past few weeks. He has a major slump and I think its because pitchers are realizing his impatience at the plate. Its still stings to see him go down because he was playing really well just a couple of weeks ago. It would have also been nice to see a lineup with Ozuna, Marisnick, and Yelich but I do think he needs a little bit of time to master his craft. I fully expect him to be back after the trade deadline and show the team how much worth he has.

I expect Yelich and Marisnick to play good defense tonight and each have one or two hits. I think they’ll be excited and pumped for their first games in the big leagues and they probably want to show that they deserved the promotion. Honestly, I can’t wait to see this team in september when a lot of our really good prospects come up and we can get a preview of the 2014 Marlins. The 2014 Marlins will be a young but decently experienced team that will make a lot of noise in the National League. Behind some strong pitching by Fernandez and good performances by our young prospects, the Marlins will win the debut of the future.