MLB Park Showdown: Marlins Park vs Rangers Park


Outside Rangers Park with my vintage Marlins Jersey.

Now we make our way to Texas. To be more specific we are heading to Arlington to check out Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. They say everything is bigger in Texas so let’s see how Rangers Park goes up against Marlins Park.

The Outside Look:

When you drive up to Rangers Park you lose it a little bit in its surroundings. Between Jerry Jones Stadium, Six Flags, and Ranger Park you are in awe of everything but Ranger Park. Your eyes are automatically drawn to the billion dollar home of Jerry Jones and then to the great rides of Six Flags. Rangers Park gets lost. First run goes to Marlins Park.

Run: Marlins Park


The Inside:

This is how it’s done; Rangers Park has an old feel to it but it still was bright. There are no dark corners and I could see everything. This shows that just because a park has an old feel to it doesn’t mean it has to be dark. Sorry Marlins, Rangers tie it up.

Run: Rangers Park

Standing next the Hall of Fame Plaque of Charlie Hough in my vintage Hough Jersey.

Hall Of Fame:

Rangers win! Even though most of the Rangers Hall of Fame items have been sent back to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, there is still plenty to see. Also, any place that has Charlie Hough in its Hall of Fame wins in my book.

Run: Rangers Park


The Home Run Statue:

No Home Run Statue in Rangers Park. Another run for Rangers Park.

Run: Rangers Park

The Skyline:

Ok, where having impressive surrounding might hurt a park when viewed from the outside, it wins the run for seeing a beautiful skyline. If you walk around Rangers Park you get a great view of Jerry Jones Castle and Six Flags’ great rides. Sorry, the City of Miami, you can’t compete with the Billion Dollar view.

Run: Rangers Park


Variety of Food:

Thank you so much Rangers Park for your variety. Rangers Park has a Cuban Sandwich, steak, chicken, a massive burger, and so much more. It might not have been a health nut’s dream, but there is still a wide choice of food. For the first time, Marlins Park loses this run.

Run: Rangers Park

The Must Have Food Item:

This is the must have food at Rangers Park!

BOOMSTICK! Oh my this thing is massive and delicious!  I know through all my articles I’ve been saying please give me something different from a hot dog, but this is different! It’s an experience to have this massive 2 ft, thick, chili covered, cheese, onions, jalapeños delight. Sorry Cuban Sandwich, you never had a chance.

This was quite possibly the best thing I have ever had at a Ballpark!




I got some slack for this one in my past articles. I’m a baseball fan, and in between innings I like to see what the rest of the league is doing. My service isn’t that good so I need WI-FI to keep up with the other games. With no WI-FI, I have to wait until I get back to the hotel to see if my Marlins won or lost. No WI-FI in Rangers Park no run.

Run: Marlins Park



What did I except for $5? I felt really, really, really, far away from the action at this game. I’ve sat in the top row of Marlins Park and I still felt like I was on top of the game, not Rangers Park.

Run: Marlins Park


So what is the final score? 6-3 Ranger Park… Wait!? What!? On paper, Rangers Park has everything Marlins Park has with the exception of a few things. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy Marlins Park more, but that’s because I have a interest in every game I see at Marlins Park. At Rangers Park, I don’t always care who wins or loses as long as I get to see baseball. As a park goes, Rangers Park is great. Even though I’d rather go to Busch Stadium or Marlins Park if I had the option, Rangers Park is still a fun place to see a baseball game. Join me next time when I hit Minute Maid Park to end my tour, and I’ll be doing something a little different for this one. Till next time as always… Go Marlins!