Jose Abreu: To Sign or Not To Sign?


Aug 19, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins starting pitcher Jose Fernandez (16) greets Los Angeles Dodgers right fielder Yasiel Puig (66) in the outfield before the game at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Dariel Abreu has been on the lips of owners, fans, bloggers, and reports for the past few days. With such success from past Cuban defectors like Jose FernandezAroldis Chapman, Yasiel Puig, and Yoenis Céspedes, teams are itching to sign Abreu. One of those teams is of course our Miami Marlins. The main question is, is he a good fit for the Marlins? Let’s look at the pros and cons of signing Abreu.

Pro: His Power

Two years ago Abreu had a whopping .453 BA while belting 33 HR and was on his way to be named Cuba’s player of the year. This boost in power would be a nice addition to Giancarlo Stanton’s bat. Picture Stanton 3rd and Abreu 4th in a batting order! What a dynamic duo.

Con: His Power is based off Cuban League numbers

I’m not saying that the Cuban league is a weaker league then MLB, but to compare the Major with any league isn’t fair. The MLB has the best of the best in the world playing for them. Also, baseball can be a different kind of game in other countries. There is no guarantee that his numbers will be the same in the MLB.

Pro: The Cuban Community

On Monday 8/19/2013 Puig played his first game in Miami and on the mound was Fernandez. How many people came to the park that night? 27,127! Miami is a Hispanic city, and even more it’s a Cuban city. We have an area called Little Havana. Cubans will come out to support their own and it showed with the attendance for that game.  Céspedes said last year that he wanted a chance to play in Miami. What better place to welcome Abreu than Miami?

Con: Logan Morrison

Abreu is a natural 1st baseman. Our Current 1st baseman is possibly the second biggest fan favorite on the team right now. The good news is Lomo can play outfield, the bad news is we have a surplus of outfielders! Can Lomo or Abreu move to 3rd? Perhaps we will find out.

Pro: He is Still Young

Abreu is only 26. That is not as young as some of the current Marlins players but it is still pretty young for a ball player. The Marlins coach can still teach him American baseball without trying to break old habits that don’t work here in the states.  The best years of his career are still in front of him.

Con: Other Teams Want Him

The Marlins aren’t the only suitors after Abreu. The Red Sox, Orioles, and Marlins are the names currently linked with Abreu; although I think that number will go up come September when he will show the scouts what he really has to offer. After what happened in 2012 with Céspedes our track record with signing free agent defectors aren’t that good, though that all could change when the time comes.

So with all the pros and cons weighed should the Marlins go hard after Abreu? YES!!!!! The Marlins need his power, the fans need another Fernandez, Stanton needs help behind him, and the Miami pitchers need the run support. The worst case is that Abreu is a bust, but that is the risk you take in this sport, because who knows he could be the next Puig, Céspedes, Chapman, or Fernandez. This writer would be one happy Cuban Marlins fan and I wouldn’t be the only one! SIGN HIM!