Miami Marlins Double-A Affiliate Jacksonville Suns in the Hunt


Home of The Jacksonville Suns. Boy what a game it was!

The Jacksonville Suns are the Miami Marlins Double A affiliated in The Southern League. This week end is the final series of the season, and the Suns are in the thick of the playoff hunt. Going into yesterday’s game the Suns had a .5 game lead for the second half South title, which would give them a playoff berth in the playoff. So what did I do? I hopped in my car and drove the 2 ½ hour drive from Orlando to Jacksonville to support our Suns, and let me tell you what a fun time I had.

The day started off with the gates opening at 5:45 and the Suns were giving away replica statues of Bargan Field. Neat little give-away. Off to the team store. I picked up a hat and a Foam Paw. Oh I’m ready for the game to start, but not before a 50 minute rain delay. I miss Marlins Park.

7:50 rolled around and we began the game. We had 1-2-3 inning in the 1st by Anthony DeSclafani and in the bottom of the same inning Austin Barnes smack a ball off the Fair Poll for his first Home Run in Double A. The lead didn’t last though. In the 3rd Mississippi scored 2 to take the lead. Then things got really interesting in the 8th.

I’m very passionate about baseball. I will not leave a game until it’s over no matter what, I dislike when people talk about no hitter when they are going on. I think pitchers should pitch the whole game. I think a real baseball game is 2-1 or 1-0. When I see real passion from players or coaches I get really excited. This passion was shown by the Suns skipper Andy Barkett in the 8th.

In the 8th the Suns were down 2-1 with 1 out and Brent Keys on first. Keys was “picked off” at first. From my angle he looked safe, and Barkett thought the same thing. So he calmly came out to the field and had a calm conversation with the Ump were he explained in a civil manner that he think that the call was incorrect and that Keys was safe… YEA RIGHT! With the season coming to an end and every game meaning something, Barkett came running out of the dugout straight for 1B Ump yelling and screaming, throwing his hat down and 1B, kicking dirt, and bumping chest with the Ump. Needless to say he was ejected, but he had the entire crowd behind him cheering and giving him a standing O as he walked back to the dugout, were he calmly went to the locker room… YEA RIGHT! He then ran to the Home Plate Ump and gave him an ear full before the 2B/3B Ump had to separate them, but not before Barkett dirtied up Home Plate first. What a show!

That same inning the Suns tied it up but lost it in the 9th by giving up a Home Run to Jaime Pedroza. Now the Suns are .5 games back in the hunt for that playoff spot. It was a fun time going to the game and recommend if you are ever in the area go check out a game. You never know when Barkett’s passion will get the better of him again. Especially if it’s a very important game like the one yesterday. Until next as always: Let’s Go Marlins… and Suns!