Game Recap: Miami Marlins vs Atlanta Braves


Dragon*Con Parade 2013

Everyone who knows me knows that I am not a Braves fan.  Nothing makes me prouder this season than when the Marlins ended the Braves winning streak.  Braves fans are really the cause and the fact that I can no longer attend a Braves game wearing Marlins attire without being severely chastised by the Braves faithful either anymore just adds to the fact that Braves fans have become classless.  Those people also know that I live near Atlanta and have all my life.  There are a lot of events going on in Atlanta the Labor Day weekend.  You have Dragon*Con, the second largest sci-fi, fantasy, and pop-culture convention on the planet second only to ComicCon in SanDiego.  You also have the ACC vs SEC kickoff game at the Georgia Dome.  You also have rednecks in cars driving fast and making several left turns just south of Atlanta that I still refuse to consider a sport but you may refer to as NASCAR.  Lets just say that there is a lot going on in the city of Atlanta this weekend.

Then you have the Marlins vs Braves game.  This game features Braves hurler Mike Minor vs the Marlins’ Jacob Turner.  Here are the stats you care about:

During the first inning the Marlins strike first against Minor making the score 2-0 on a Justin Ruggiano home-run that scores Giancarlo Stanton. The Braves would half that lead in the bottom half of the inning making the score 2-1 good guys.  Nothing happened during the second inning, or the third inning.

During the fourth inning Giancarlo Stanton hits a monster home-run to right field to make the score 3-1 Fish.  The Braves could do nothing significant in the bottom of the inning.  The fifth inning saw nothing of significance happen.  In the sixth inning the Marlins didn’t do much but the Braves would tie the game at 3-3  with a B.J.  (everyone knows what B.J. stands for right?)  Upton hits a two-run home-run.

The Marlins would score the go-ahead run in the top of the seventh with a Logan Morrison single that scores Justin Ruggiano to make the score 4-3 Fish.  The bottom of the inning would see the Braves tie the game again 4-4 with a single by some guy.  The eighth innign saw nothing happen.  In the ninth inning the Braves announcers complain about the lack of media coverage and discussion about the Braves World Series chances…..obviously they forget that the Braves are choke artists, everyone else knows this, the Braves announcers choose to feign ignorance, apparently.  The ninth inning saw nothing happen.

FREE BASEBALL!!!  This always happens when I’m recapping games, I should just plan for it from now on.   The Marlins don’t do anything in the top of the inning.  The Braves don’t do anything either, on to the eleventh!  In the eleventh inning, the Marlins don’t do anything.  Then the Braves walk-off with a B.J. (remember what I said earlier, yeah, still applies) Upton single.  Braves win 4-5.  You’ll still choke in the playoffs, like you always do.

Till next time kids.

Go Marlins!!!!