Yahoo’s Burnt Miami Marlins Toast


Jul 15, 2013; Flushing, NY, USA; From left to right, National League shortstop Everth Cabrera (2) of the San Diego Padres, pitcher Jose Fernandez (16) of the Miami Marlins, pitcher Aroldis Chapman (54) of the Cincinnati Reds, and second baseman Brandon Phillips (4) of the Cincinnati Reds hold up signs for Stand Up for Cancer during the Home Run Derby in advance of the 2013 All Star Game at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Big League Stew is having a toast for teams that get mathematically eliminated from the playoff. Fun idea, if it is done respectfully; unfortunately that is not the case for #MLBToasts. Instead of looking at the bright side of what the teams have done they only look at the negatives. Take a look for yourself… MLBToast. Yes I’m a Marlins fan, yes this might sound like sour grapes, yes this season hasn’t been the best record wise, but why does everyone have to keep bringing up the bad? This was a roast not a toast. Why not instead of mocking the teams for their season, toast some of the positive aspects of what they were able to accomplish.

This Marlins season, despite all the mistakes, has had some very bright spots. We have a future superstar in our rotation; we have a shortstop that could be a gold glove contender in a few years to come; an outfield core that will be the best in all of baseball; and a team full of hungry young talent in both the majors and minors; not to mention that we have had some great games where we have shown that we can hang with the best of them. Yes, they briefly mention Jose Fernandez and a 15-10 June, but in that same sentence they are shocked that we have a better attendance than the Tampa Bay Rays. Why does that shock you? We have more history then the Rays and Miami is a tourist hotspot. If they would just give facts on how bad we did this season that’s ok I can’t argue fact, but all they do is talk hate. Could our season have been better? Yes of course, but I don’t need a constant reminder of everything bad. Nothing was said that hasn’t been said already; instead the toast should point out the positives of the season to give fans hope for next season. I’m a Marlins fan and that’s it. Whether we are good or bad I love OUR team.

With all that said I have no problem with what people say, by all means voice your opinions. This is America and we have that right; just like I have the right to respond to it. I’m expecting to receive some hate for this article, and I will receive and respect you opinion. Till next time: Let’s Go Marlins!