While I would guess most Miami fans were off celebrating the awesome victory against the ..."/> While I would guess most Miami fans were off celebrating the awesome victory against the ..."/>

Zimmerman Smash! Marlins vs. Nationals Recap 9/6/13


While I would guess most Miami fans were off celebrating the awesome victory against the hated Florida Gators, GO HURRICANES by the way, there was a Marlins game and it needs to recapped.

No matter how exhausted I am from watching the Hurricane Defense manhandle Jeff Driskell.

Coming off a successful start to the month of September, the Marlins ran into a perfect storm of bad baseball. The Nationals simply dominated the team from beginning to end with excellent pitching and hitting. The Nationals were able to knock out Eovaldi after three innings, so that should give you an idea of how the night went for us.

Anyways, the game started off in a strange manner.

After a Denard Span single to open the game, Ryan Zimmerman hit a very long ball to left center field, near the Home Run sculpture. While immediately looking like a Home Run, the umpires initially ruled it a double. After what seemed like an eternity, the umpires came to their senses and ruled the long ball a Home Run. Eovaldi gave up a Jayson Werth double but eventually got out of the inning with only 2-0 deficit.

Ok, our bats have been coming to life lately maybe we can strike back.

And China has a secret base on the Moon.

The Marlins couldn’t even get a hit until the fourth inning.  By then, the Nationals had scored on another Ryan Zimmerman Home Run and a two-run RBI single by Wilson Ramos. Eovaldi got pinched hit for in the bottom half of the inning by Rob Brantly, effectively ending a pretty bad night for Eovaldi.

He just couldn’t get any outs, he gave up nine hits in three innings. Sam Dyson came into the game and was effective against the Nationals until the sixth inning when they got a run off him.

The Marlins were able to get a couple runs off of Ross Ohlendorf in the seventh inning, but it was too little too late. The Nationals finished the game off and the Marlins lost the game 9-2.

While Yelich had a good night offensively, the Marlins returned to their offensively stagnant ways. Their pitching didn’t help as Eovaldi had a bad outing and their bullpen couldn’t keep it close.

Seeing Eovaldi pitch tonight shows to me that I think he will be best suited as a closer in the future of the organization. The Marlins have a bunch young promising pitching prospects in the Minors with so few spots in the rotation, the best option would be to put him in a late game bullpen role.

But I digress, the Marlins can still win the series if Jacob Turner can bring a good performance against this revived Nationals lineup and if the offense can take advantage of Yelich’s offensive streak.

Until then, Go Marlins!