Is Jeffrey Loria Looking to Actually Spend Money?


July 15, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins president David Samson (left) and owner Jeffrey H. Loria (right) during the ninth inning of the Washington Nationals shutout of the Marlins 4-0 at Marlins Park. photo/Robert Mayer

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald Blog is reporting that Jeffrey Loria is looking to acquire more offensively minded hitters. Andre Dawson, Marlins special assistant, was told by Loria that he is planning on getting them.

"“You are in dire need of offense, and it’s going to cost money,” Dawson said. “You have to spend to win, and you might have to overpay.… Jeffrey said on the last homestead that we have to get hitters in here and he’s going to.”"

According to Barry, people close to the Marlins are skeptical that he would increase his opening day 2013 payroll of 36 million.

Dawson also said that the priorities are third base, first base and catcher.

I have covered the issue of attracting free agents to Miami after the fiasco involving the Toronto Blue Jays trade that I won’t get into again. Just know that it is going to be very difficult to get a good hitter into Miami unless the Marlins overpay for him, which doesn’t seem likely considering Loria’s cheap skate mentality.

That leaves the most likely course of action to be acquisition via trades. The Marlins have acquired a stable of young arms throughout their system and they could use some of them in a package deal. Also a potential windfall return could be had if the Marlins chose to move Giancarlo Stanton.

It would be difficult for the Marlins to get much worse offensively. I am hoping that we can get some bats in here to provide some run support for this good young pitching staff that we have.