Jose Abreu: To Sign or Not To Sign Part 2


Sep 29, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins president of president of baseball operations Michael Hill (right) is flanked by vice president

Back in late August I wrote an article on whether or not the Marlins should sign Jose Abreu. Earlier this week, baseball got to see Abreu in a two-day work out in the Dominican Republic. The result? The Marlins seem to be “all-in” according to Joe Frisco. What does “all in” mean? It means the Marlins could look to spend anywhere from 45-60 million dollars on Abreu. So what is the big draw to Abreu? His Bat!

The Marlins finished last in the league in runs with 513 and were shut out a league leading 18 times. At the workout Abreu showed a nice easy swing in which the ball flew off the bat. Do the Marlins need this bat? YES! Let’s say, best case scenario, Abreu does well in the majors; imagine a line up with Christian Yelich, Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna, and Abreu. This is a very young team that could be in contention for years. To also top it off they have a young pitching crew that shows great promise. What a great combo!

In the end, the Marlins need to sign Abreu. The Marlins need another bat, they need another Cuban feel good story, they need to spend the money on him, THEY NEED TO SIGN ABREU! Don’t let this very talented player go to San Francisco (the other team rumored to be “all in” as well). Marlins, you will have the support of the fans, the Cuban Community, and the pitching staff that would like some runs to help their cause. Sign him!