Greatest Moment In Marlins History: #147 Time to Pick


Welcome back! So what do you think Moment 147 is? Well let’s not keep you waiting. The Day is June 1, 1992 and this will be the Florida Marlins first ever draft. The 1992 draft class had some amazing talent with Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon, but we are here to talk about the Marlins.

With the 28th overall pick in the draft who were the Marlins going to choose? Damon was available at this time but they passed on him. How about Jason Giambi, who went 58th overall? Well if he went 58th the Marlins didn’t draft him as their 28th pick. How about Bobby Bonds Jr., son of Bobby Bonds and brother to Barry? Nope. The 1st ever pick for the Marlins was catcher Charles Johnson from the University of Miami. And what a pick he was! I could go into all the great things he has done for the Marlins but I have a feeling that a lot of those moments will be on this list later.

Charles Johnson waiting for the game to start.

Out of the other 49 Marlins picks of 1992, only Andy Larkin (our 25th pick) made it to the major for the Marlins. That being said, this draft had some future Marlin greats in it, such as Preston Wilson, Craig Counsell, and Mike Lowell.  With the first ever draft pick under their belt the Marlins were getting one step closer to become a reality. What will tomorrow hold for us? Check us out and find. Till next time… Let’s go Marlins!