Mike Napoli on Miami Marlins Radar?


Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Many people have been anxiously awaiting the Marlins to make a move, really any move, that could get the fans excited again. After numerous reports of Loria claiming that he would attempt to bring some help to the beleaguered lineup in Miami, we haven’t seen anything come to fruition. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports is saying that could change soon.

This would be a blockbuster signing that the Marlins have not had in two years. Napoli would presumably play first base and Logan Morrison would most likely be on his way out.

There are a few problems with this scenario though. The first one, is that if Napoli does sign with the Fish, then they lose all leverage in a trade involving Morrison. So for this to work, they would really need to trade Morrison prior to signing Napoli, even if it is the same day, otherwise they are taking a big risk.

I know Napoli likes Jeff Mathis, but does he like Mathis more than having a no trade clause? Because we all know that Loria doesn’t give those out to anybody, much less Napoli. I can’t imagine Napoli, at this point in his career, willingly submitting himself to the whims of Loria regarding which team he will play for. Too many free agents have been burned in the past to fall for that, especially those in as high demand as Napoli is.

Earlier this month, I gave Napoli a 1/10 chance of joining the Marlins, basically none. Even with Rosenthal’s tweet, I am not budging off that stance. Maybe Napoli is using the Marlins to drive up the price, but I can’t see him seriously considering Miami. If I am wrong, I welcome all of you to mock me in the comments below. I just can’t see it happening.

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