Marlin Maniac Gives Thanks for Thanksgiving


Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We would like to extend a “Happy Thanksgiving” to everyone from the staff at Marlin Maniac to each and every one of our viewers! Without you guys, Marlin Maniac would not be where it is today, as one of the leading Marlins blogs on the internet.

As you guys celebrate with family, feasting on turkey, and enjoying some great football games, find out below what we Marlin Maniac staffers are thankful for in 2013:

Ehsan Kassim:

"I am thankful to my staff and viewers. Without you guys, this site would not be where it is right now. We thrive off of you guys stopping on this blog and taking your time out to read what we have to write. I am also very thankful to Roger Hoover and Glenn Geffner. Both have recently taken time out from their busy schedules to talk Marlins with us."

Chris Logel: 

"I am thankful for 1997 and 2003. Out of all of the professional teams that I root for, only the Marlins have given me the joy of watching them lift a championship trophy in my lifetime. The pride that you feel when your favorite team is the best in a sport is really something special. For all of the Marlins faults, I will never lose how special those seasons were, and am hopeful for an eventual return to that amazing place."

Andy Salgado:

"I’m thankful for everything the Marlins have giving me this season. From free tickets, to meeting so many players, all the promos, and most importantly being named the Ultimate Marlins Fan to Crash the MLB Fan Cave! The Marlins have given me so much this year! Thank you Marlins, thank you so much! I will continue to root you on forever!"

Placido Estevez:

"I am thankful for getting to watch Marcell Ozuna play defense in both rightfield and centerfield this past season. He seemed to always get fantastic breaks on balls hit into that cavernous straight away centerfield running down what seemed like certain doubles and triples. His routes were always direct and he is so smooth it almost appears nonchalant. To top it off, he’s got a cannon for an arm making several throws to nail unsuspecting runners:Too bad it ended too soon. Hopefully the Ozuna show will continue next season."

Laura Georgia:

"At the moment, I’m very thankful for everyone’s patience at Marlin Maniac. Means the world to me.As far as the Marlins go, despite everything, the new ballpark. I know its been a year, but the knowledge that we have somewhere to play that’s ours and lends us some amount of staying power is wonderful. There’s no place like home, right? 🙂"

Justen Rosenberg: 

"Many people might not think there is something to be thankful for when it comes to the Marlins. Boy, they are wrong. Growing up down here in South Florida baseball was like second nature to me. The Marlins have always been my favorite baseball team. Whether they were good like the 2003 season or bad like this past season, I always supported them. No matter what happens I am truly grateful to have a GREAT franchise that I can call my favorite team. Hopefully this up coming season isn’t like the last. The amount of young talent is staggering. But again, no matter what happens they are my team. I will always support them. THANK YOU MARLINS FOR JUST EXISTING."

Daniel Zylberkan: 

"I’m thankful for Jose Fernandez, every Marlins should be extremely thankful to have a pitcher this good and this young on the team. But what I’m even more thankful for is the system that allows for the Marlins to sign players like Fernandez. What I’m talking about is the Marlins commitment to scouting High School and how it has paid off.  Jose Fernandez and Giancarlo Stanton are only two of the recent examples of the guys that the Marlins have found through scouting High Schools.  Stanton with his 13.5  WAR career in 4 seasons even if he doesn’t play another game for the Marlins has already made his signing worth it.  Fernandez as a rookie got 6.3 WAR, won the the NL Rookie of the Year and was a legitimate contender for the Cy Young.The Marlins gave up on Matt Dominguez but once he has time to develop I feel like he can be a consistent 3 WAR performer at the hot corner. But the Marlins ultimate hope for the future is Christian Yelich, who in short stint in the Majors last year showed flashes of the player he can be. In short, I feel thankful for the Marlins uncanny to find talent, even if they struggle to keep it long term."

Esteban Bailey:

"I am thankful to be apart of a community of people who enjoy the same silly sport that I love. Whether it’s going to the ballpark, working on a website, or staying at home watching the away games, being apart of an environment of people that loves rooting for Marlins is surreal. I love this site, fans, and team. I’ll forever be thankful for being apart of the beauty that is baseball fan culture."

David Polakoff:

"I’m thankful that the 2013 season was over. I’m looking forward to better times in 2014."

Geoff Parkins:

"Our esteemed editors (God bless their livers) have asked us to pound away at our already steaming keyboards to express what we as ersatz Oscar Madisons are thankful for as we head into a guaranteed tryptophan coma tomorrow afternoon. For me, it’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy.I’m grateful for the opportunity to watch my son develop into an intelligent, thoughtful student athlete. Seeing him reap the rewards that come from the hard work that he has put into baseball is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I hope I never have to face him from the batter’s box, and I pray that I get a chance to catch for him in a game that matters.I’m grateful for the uprooting from my home that brought me within spitting distance of some of the best year-round baseball that the country has to offer. I’ve been able to pick up a game that I loved as a boy, and play it again in the company of my peers.I’m grateful for my job here at Marlin Maniac. It feeds my passion for baseball, drives me crazy at times, and has given me a forum to opine about this silly game.Finally, I’m grateful to the Marlins. They are at once frustrating, electrifying, hopeless, and promising. In short, they are my team. Owned by a rapscallion, led by ne’er-do-wells, and long on everything but wins, they have become my hometown team."

Once again, we wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope you guys all enjoy your time with your family! Hopefully the 2014 season can give us more to be thankful for, in terms of wins!