Seattle Mariners Acquire Logan Morrison from Miami Marlins


Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

It looks as if the LoMo trade watch has come to an end for the Marlins. Clark Spencer, writer for the Miami Herald, has reported that Logan Morrison has been traded to the Seattle Mariners for relief pitcher Carter Capps.

This trade is not much of a surprise, although many are scratching their head about the timing of the Mariners signing Corey Hart and trading for Morrison within 10 minutes of each other. Marlins’ fans, on the other hand, have been expecting this since the Garrett Jones acquisition, and some even longer.

I have to admit, I was on the bandwagon to trade Morrison. I am a little disappointed in this deal though. I felt like they could get more in return for a 26-year-old, cost controlled first baseman. It does look as if we sold low on Morrison, who, as a result of being traded, will immediately become a star since he is not on the Marlins. (it always seems to work out like that)

The Marlins get a right-handed relief pitcher to take the place of Chad Qualls in the Miami bullpen. He is a big righty with pretty good stuff. He has a high strike out ratio, but he also has struggled with giving up too many runs, not exactly a great thing as a relief pitcher.

I feel like we could have gotten more than just a relief pitcher for Morrison, but maybe not. I hope that Capps is able to quickly make us forget about LoMo, but I am not counting on it.