Casey McGehee Signs with Marlins


Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Marlins continued with their offseason acquisition spree on Wednesday by signing third baseman Casey McGehee to a 1 year deal according to Miami Herald writer Barry Jackson.

This signing fills a glaring need that the Marlins have unable to fill so far this offseason. After being linked to various players like Juan Uribe and Will Middlebrooks, Miami was finally able to sign someone who they hope will be able to provide more offense at third base than they received last year.

The signing works well for both sides. McGehee gets a chance to capitalize on a great year in Japan with a starting position on a major league team. The Marlins only have to commit one year to a player who is eager to show that he can return to form here in the states. After his contract is up, Miami will be able to slide future third baseman Colin Moran into that position.

Miami fans should be cautiously optimistic with this signing. Keep in mind that we are likely not signing a future all-star. ESPN writer Dan Szymborski outlined what we could expect from McGehee.

While it is true that McGehee is not likely to lead us to the playoffs at the hot corner, I like this signing for Miami. It is a low risk, decent reward option that is a true stop-gap for Moran. As a matter of fact, with McGehee’s reported contract, I think it is a definite positive.

This gives the Marlins a potential 20 home run guy at third base, something that Miami could only dream of last year. What do you think about the signing? Let us know in the comments below.