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Marlins Top Prospect Closer to Return


Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Marlins top prospect Jake Marisnick is close to returning from his knee injury last year. Miami Marlins blogger Joe Frisaro had the report. This is what Marisnick had to say about his status.

"“In another week or two, I’ll be full activity,” he said. “I’m not too worried about running. In the next week or so, I should be able to dial it up and get back to full speed pretty soon.”"

The good news about this is that the Marlins are still more than a month away from ramping up team activities. Marisnick should be able to utilize the remaining few weeks to be fully healthy at the start of training camp.

Marisnick is certainly in the mix for a starting job this season. He may be the odd-man out to start, but Marisnick has the type of tantalizing talent that could force the Marlins’ hand and earn a call up. I predict that Marisnick will start the season in double A, but he has already shown that he can dominate in Jacksonville.

If Marcel Ozuna struggles early in the season. Marisnick could find himself manning center field for the Fish. I have to believe that the Marlins still view Marisnick as the center fielder of the future. It is important for him to have a good showing in spring training to cement that belief. In order for Marisnick to make that happen, he needs to be healthy. It appears that he will be by the start of the season, and that is good news for the Marlins and fans everywhere.