Would Lebron James play for the Marlins?


Mandatory Credit: Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Lebron James has made no secret that he has always admired Michael Jordan. While he has admitted that he is not close with Jordan, could he one day be interested in following in his footsteps by making a trip to the baseball diamond? If he did make that jump, we might have a head start on which team would be the favorite in landing the all-star basketball player. Earlier Lebron tweeted out this photo from Instagram.

This seemingly nondescript tweet is accompanied with a photo of Lebron wearing a Marlins jersey hanging out with two other guys. I can’t say definitively that Lebron is going to join the Marlins, but this could be more than just a coincidence, or not, we will see.

While I have heard others talk about how good of a football player Lebron could be, I haven’t heard much about his baseball ability. Size and speed generally translate well to any sport, but this would be more of a test of his hand-eye coordination. At the very least, I would be interested in watching Lebron take batting practice just to see what he is capable of.

While I think that Lebron will most likely stick to basketball, it is nice to see the best player in the game currently supporting the Marlins. I think Loria will take all the help he can get.