Greatest Moments in Marlins History: #79 DH? Try D-Train


March 1, 2012; Clearwater, FL, USA; Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Dontrelle Willis (53) during photo day at Bright House Networks Field. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Greatest Moments in Marlins History. There is no secret I do not like the DH. I think that if you are on the field you should bat too! Also, if you bat you should play the field. This is one of the big reason I enjoy the National League. For moment 79 we take you to Game 4 of the 2003 NLDS where Dontrelle Willis proved that pitchers can hit.

D-Train was picked to start Game 4 of the NLDS against the San Francisco Giants. He had a rough go on the mound, giving up 5 hits, 5 runs, and 5 earned runs in only 5.1 innings pitched. What he was lacking on the mound he tried to make up at the plate and boy did he.

D-Train went 3 for 3 with 1 run in the 5 innings he stayed in the game; although the hit everyone seems to remember is his hit in the bottom of the 5th off of Dustin Hermanson. With a 1-2 count D-Train sent that ball flying into center field. He rounded 1st base, took 2nd base, and continued to 3rd base, sliding safely in for a triple. Who says pitchers can’t hit?

So what was the outcome of this game? Spoiler you will have to return later because that moment is also on this list. Until then… Let’s Go Marlins

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