Greatest Moments in Marlins History: #78 Gary’s Long Ball


Sheffield’s .250 average in 1997 was the only time he hit below .290 in the past 12 seasons, but the Marlins won the World Series.

Welcome back to the Greatest Moments in Marlins History. We have all heard the saying “Chicks dig the long ball.” Me, I’m old fashioned. I prefer a pitching duel, but every once and a while I do enjoy a good dinger. For moment 78 we are going to take a look at the Marlins player single season home run record set by Gary Sheffield in 1996.

When Gary came over to the Marlins midway through 1993, we knew we had our power hitter. I mean he hit a home run for the first ever Marlins at bat in an All-Star Game. When it came to home runs, 1996 was Gary’s year as a Marlin. His first home run in 1996 came in the third game of the season in the bottom of the third. The next day he would hit another one; and the next game he not only hit a homer in it, he hit 2! Gary had 2 multi-homer games in 1996. He also would go on a 3 game home run streak in April. At the end of the season Gary would have a total of 42 home runs! This record helped him achieve his Silver Slugger Award and finish 6th in the MVP voting!

What’s next for the countdown? Join us tomorrow and find out. Until then… let’s go Marlins!

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