Miami Marlins Visit the Troops


Sep 29, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins vice president

The MLB Network took some time this morning to highlight the Miami Marlins and their current visit to the American troops in the Middle East. The program ‘Hot Stove’ interviewed Marlins GM Dan Jennings, who is currently in Kuwait. Jennings was extremely complimentary of the welcome that the Marlins have received so far on this trip.

Some of the people accompanying Jennings include former Marlins Cliff Floyd and Charles Johnson. MLB Network also had some footage of Floyd taking some batting practice with the troops, and looking good doing it. According to Jennings, Floyd even joked with him that he may need to receive a spring training invite from Jennings, that is until he bent over to field a ground ball and tweaked a hamstring. Apparently the comeback was short-lived.

This is the Marlins 5th year that they have sent a contingent to visit American troops, and on this trip, they will make stops in Kuwait, Omen, and the United Arab Emirates. Jennings values the opportunity to give back to the troops, as he was quick to point out.

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On behalf of Marlin Maniac, I also want to thank our troops and veterans for all of the sacrifices that they have made to allow us to enjoy the great game of baseball. Without their efforts, none of this would be possible and for that, we are grateful.