Greatest Moments in Marlins History: #51 Cody Ross and Mike Lowell Go Deep


Aug. 6, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA: Arizona Diamondbacks batter Cody Ross hits a three run home run in the fourth inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the Greatest Moments in Marlins History. Today we are going to take a look at the long ball again, but this for the first time on this list we are going to have two moments in one. Moment 51 is going to be the Marlins player single game home run record; it just happens to be that two Marlins players hold this record: Cody Ross on September 11, 2006 and Mike Lowell on April 21, 2004. It was impossible to decide which one should be on this list (and if we split them into two we would have to decide which one would be better than the other) so we decided here at Marlin Maniac to make them both moment 52. Let’s start with Cody.

For the game commemorating the 5 year anniversary of the Attack on the U.S., Cody wanted this game to be memorable. Boy did he accomplish that. At his first at bat working a full count he sent that ball flying into the seats at Joe Robbie. In the 6th inning Cody came back to the plate and made sure this ball wasn’t staying in the park either giving him his second homer of the game for him. For his grand finale in the 7th Cody did exactly the same thing he did his first at bat, he sent the ball into the stands on a 3-2 count. This home run tied Cody with Mike Lowell for the Marlins player single game home run record.

On April 21, 2004 Mike took a 1-1 count on his first at bat and smacked a solo shot in Citizens Bank Park. It would be a while before Mike would get homer number 2. In the 7th inning with the Marlins down 5-3 and Miguel Cabrera on with 2 outs, Mike tied the game up with monster shot over the left/center field wall. Mike would be called on again to tie up the game in the 9th. Down 7-6 Mike was the leadoff hitter and he would set the Marlins record on a full count pitch that didn’t stand a chance to stay in the park. He tied the game and the Marlins would go on to win it in the 12th.

These two were great home run hitters. Tomorrow we get back to one of my favorite parts of the game, pitching! I wonder who it will be that will take moment 50?