Last Chance to Get Marlins Fan in The 2014 MLB Fan Cave


This is the logo for the MLB Fan Cave.

Baseball season is still a month away. Pitchers and catchers report to camp for the Miami Marlins on Sunday. Before all of that, as a Marlins community, it’s our goal to get huge Marlins fan and Marlin Maniac author Andy Salgado into the MLB Fancave.

We have until 11:59:59 pm Eastern Time tonight to get Andy as many votes as we can. You can vote for Andy by going on Twitter, using their hash tag #mlbfc2014 and tell them that they need @latinoloc4rwf, a diehard Marlins fan, on this year.

For a bit of background on Andy Salgado and why he belongs in the MLB Fancave, here is what he said about his experience of applying for the Fancave last season, when he was able to crack the top 52:

"On December 1st I turned in my application to the Fan Cave to hopefully be the first Marlins fan dweller. Last year I came close by making it to the Top 52 and even got to spend some time in the Cave as the Miami Marlins Ultimate Fan Cave Crasher (you can read about my time there here 1234567 )."

Check out Andy’s videos right here:

Let’s make some history this week, getting Andy in as the first Marlins fan on the MLB Fancave. He’d add a ton of enjoyment in what should be another long season for us Marlins fans. Trust me when I say you won’t find a bigger and more dedicated Marlins fan than Andy.