A Move to First Base for Giancarlo Stanton in the Cards?


Mar 9, 2014; Jupiter, FL, USA; Miami Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton (27) puts the ball in play against the Detroit Tigers at Roger Dean Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

With the rise of outfield prospects in the Marlins farm system, the team finds itself in a logjam situation. At this moment, it is projected that the Marlins outfield will be inhabited by Christian Yelich at left, Marcell Ozuna in center, and uber power bat Giancarlo Stanton in right. Highly touted prospect Jake Marisnick is waiting in the wings as his bat as yet to reach his defensive prowess in the outfield. But the question has to be asked.

What happens if Marisnick figures out how to hit?

If Marisnick can harness a hitting ability that will allow him to make an offensive impact in the Majors, the Marlins will have an excellent young outfield that will be under team control for years. However, there is the small catch that only three players can man the outfield. I believe a relatively simple solution to this problem would be to move Giancarlo Stanton to first base and let the outfield of Yelich, Marisnick, and Ozuna take charge.

Stanton, while not a poor outfielder, is not exactly the best defensive player in the majors. He pales in comparison to the other three outfielders, especially Marisnick who is considered the best defensive player in the entire Marlins organization. I want all four players playing in the Marlins everyday lineup and if Stanton can play right field and not completely suck, I don’t doubt his athletic ability to make the transition from an outfield corner spot to first base. Also, he doesn’t need to be a plus defender to continue making an impact for the Marlins, since he isn’t one while playing right field. He has made some incredible game saving catches in his time, but that doesn’t make a defensive whiz. The most explosive aspect of Stanton’s game is his incredible ability to hit for power, which will definitely be well served while playing first.

While a transition from right to first is not entirely likely at the moment, I believe this would be an interesting option in maximizing the effect of the Marlins lineup. We’ll see what happens, but tell us how you think the Marlins should use our four very talented outfielders in the comments down below.

In the meantime, go Marlins!