2014 Season Preview: Miami Marlins Win/Loss Predictions


Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

As another regular season dawns, some of the writers and editors  here at Marlin Maniac will be submitting some predictions for the upcoming season. Some predictions will be about records, statistics, finishes, and even individual performances. Today I wanted to give a brief overview on how I see the season playing out for the Marlins.

After a strong spring training that has seen Miami post a very respectable win/loss record, I believe that the Marlins will continue that momentum into a decent start. I think they will be slightly above .500 for the first 2 months of the season. Watch out for June though. The Marlins always seem to struggle that month and I think this one will be no different. The struggle will force the Marlins to make some changes and that is when we will see Jake Marisnick make his appearance. I think that Marisnick will reenergize the team and they will post a solid July and August.

As the season winds down we will see the Marlins young players struggle to finish out the season strong. The pitching will be there, but the Marlins hitting will struggle. Overall I see the Marlins exceeding expectations and winning 78 games. That is a 16 game increase from the previous year which is quite high, I admit. I just think this team is more talented than many people realize and last year they were unable to show it due to a lack of confidence. While I don’t think spring records actually matter that much, the fact that the Marlins will able to learn to win in a variety of ways will go far in establishing that confidence that was missing from last year’s team.

I believe that this win/loss record will be enough to put the Marlins in third place, ahead of the Mets and Phillies. I think that Philadelphia is really going to struggle this year based on the age of their roster, and the Mets are just missing to many players to finish ahead of the Marlins. I think the Nationals will win the division and will be serious contenders for the World Series this year. I have the Braves finishing behind them.

We will be posting further predictions in the next couple of days, but I wanted to share with you the direction that I believe this team is headed this season. What do you think about the predictions? Am I too optimistic? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to discuss the Marlins with you.